Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Fine Romance

I just cannot get enough of the Ella and Louis duets. They make me swoon. Ummmmmmmmmm.....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Radio Show Tuesday, May 29 6-9PM

Bill Haley & His Comets - See You Later, Alligator
The Records - Starry Eyes
Aretha Franklin - You Send Me
Autumn Shade - Home
Future Bible Hereos - Real Summer
East River Pipe - Hey, Where's Your Girl?
Dinah Washington - I've Got You Under My Skin
Devon Sproule - Let's Go Out
The Smiths - Sheila, Take A Bow
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
REM - Gardening At Night
Carmen Miranda - Cuanto La Gusta
Rose Melberg - Mr. Spaceman

Last night's show was fun. I wasn't a very attentive dj and just threw things on. But I got a handful of phone calls from people loving my show which is really weird since nobody ever calls when I'm on the air. (Or maybe I do get calls and just never pay attention to the little light blinking telling me that the phone is ringing.)

When I was in middle school and high school, I didn't listen to music that much. I was definitely NOT musically obsessed like I am now. But I did have a record player in my bedroom and I would listen to lots of my parents' albums. I vividly remember listening to the Supremes Greatest Hits while getting ready for church. The Supremes always remind me of badly-fitting panty hose. I also remember listening to Aretha's Gold. There was one song on that record that I would listen to over and over... a cover of Sam Cooke's hit, "You Send Me."

I had never heard the Sam Cooke version (or Sam Cooke for that matter) until I met Tina in 1994. She was a big music fan and introduced me to ALOT of music over the years including Sam Cooke. She was a dj at WXYC, too, and sometimes we would tag-team dj together. We'd squeal and dance to the Flying Burrito Brothers and Yma Sumac and to anything with crazy yodeling. Most of the time, she couldn't do a talk set if I was in the control room or else she would just bust out laughing and couldn't get any words out. It was silly and fun and listeners didn't seem to mind since we were playing fun music. I remember performing a spontaneous song-and- dance interpretation of "Cuanto La Gusta" one night at the bar in 506 for our favorite record store employee... I sang the Carmen parts and she sang the Andrews Sisters parts.

Tina moved to Greece a few years ago which makes me sad. I want her to come home. When Tina left, she got rid of all of her music. She sold it or gave it away. It's hard for me to understand how someone can love music as much as she did and then just suddenly stop and get rid of it all. She left her Sam Cooke's Greatest Hits CD at the wine distributor where we briefly shared a job. The warehouse guys would play it every now and then. When I heard Sam Cooke's voice echoing from the warehouse, I'd always think of Tina.

If Tina had been up at the radio station last night, I am sure that there would have been lots of squealing and singing and dancing and to "See You Later, Alligator" and to "Starry Eyes." And she would've brought me and Bill chocolate. She always had really good chocolate. Greece can't be all that great. She's gonna come back home, right?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Radio Show Sunday, May 27 10AM-1PM

Snuffy Jenkins - Television
Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies - Oh You Pretty Woman
Roy Smeck - Steel Guitar Rag
Tommy Collins - You Better Not Do That
Charlie Rich - Who Will the Next Fool Be?
Sister Wynona Carr - The Ball Game
The Five Scamps - Stuttering Blues
Any Old Time String Band - Free Little Bird
Hank Penny - Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon
Little Jimmy Dickens - Take An Old Cold Tater (And Wait)
Freight Hoppers - Cornbread, Molasses and Sassafras
O.B. Jackson - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Big Fat Turkey/Happy Birthday To You
The Mississippi Mud Mashers - Bring It On Home to Grandma
Tex Williams - Never Trust A Woman
Sol Hoopii - I Like You
The Texas Drifter - The Yodelin' Teacher
Shirley Caesar with the Caravans - Soul Salvation
Pee Wee King - Hog Wild Too

Today, I hosted a show on WXYC called the Orange County Special. I haven't hosted one of these specialty shows in years and years. It was alot of fun. But holy cow, it was hard. All these old songs are about two minutes long, and that can be exhausting after three hours. The entire playlist can be found here.

There is this great CD at the station about North Carolina hollerin'. Before the age of telephones or radios, folks would just holler information... it kinda sounds like yodeling to me, but real connoisseurs will probably cringe at that comparison. The national hollering contest is coming up soon in Spivey's Corner. If you've never been, it is definitely worth the road trip. It is surreal to say the least. I played my favorite off the hollerin' CD in which this guys hollers "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Happy Birthday." Nice.

The dj doing the Hell or High Water show after my show walked in during Pee Wee King's "Hog Wild Too" and we both laughed out loud at King's snorting/oinking parts in the song. She also told me that her mom got Shirley Caesar's autograph when she ran into her in Raleigh last week. Cool.

I've gone back to that Freight Hoppers CD several times over the past few months and I really like it alot. They've broken up, but you can still hear their music on their myspace page. Old-time music just rocks my world. I would give anything to be able to play old-time guitar or banjo. But for now, I'll just keep cloggin'... well, once my ankle heals.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Never Enough Time To Write

It's been a really busy week. I've been feeling much better and have been pushing myself to the limits in regard to hobbling around on my ankle. Today was exhausting and I only accomplished about half of the items on my Saturday to-do list. But I have tomorrow and Monday, I guess.

On Thursday night, Denise and my dad started a little computer project in my unfinished guest room. Now, I have "geeked" with Denise for years: hooking up minidisc players to our laptops, troubleshooting routers, talking C++, or sometimes I just yell at him for taking my laptop and doing something that he says is "making it better". But Thursday night was the first time that I've geeked with Denise AND my dad. It was fun and this picture just makes me laugh.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Radio Show, Tuesday May 22 6-9PM

Holy Moly! I AM BACK ON THE AIR!!! And I am so happy! It made me feel a little more normal and less gimpy... I feel like I am finally on the mend.

And it marked 10 years since I've been djing at WXYC. I'm old. The dj on before me even called me "Ma'am." Holy crap! I AM SO OLD!

Here are some of the songs that I played:
Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck
Bill Davis Trio - Catch 'Em Young, Treat 'Em Rough, Tell 'Em Nothin'
Kermit the Frog - Rainbow Connection
Lambchop - Hey, Where's Your Girl?
Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
Mighty Lemon Drops - Inside Out
Small Faces - Just Passing
Beach Boys - I'm Waiting for the Day
Tennessee Ernie Ford and Kay Starr - You're My Sugar
Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care
Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek
Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy
Wilco - I Must Be High
Elliott Smith - Pretty Mary K

The show was so much fun. I even danced a little on one foot!

However, I was a bit concerned that the Muppet Movie Soundtrack record was kinda warped. I wanted to play "Movin' Right Along" featuring Fozzie and Kermit, but "Rainbow Connection" looked a little safer considering the wear on the record.

I only received one phone call the entire night, which is one more than I usually receive. It was from someone who wanted to hear the Traveling Wilburys. I haven't thought of them since I was in high school. There are a few cassettes that I can remember from back then... Edie Brickell, REM, U2, INXS, the Fine Young Cannibals, and the Traveling Wilburys. I liked that Traveling Wilburys request so much that I want to investigate the album again... it has Tom Petty *and* Roy Orbison.

The last time I did a radio show a month or so ago (when I was in denial about my ankle), Tim played a song off a Pet Sounds [stereo and mono] double album that is new in the station's library. I just about flipped my wig. The records were made of translucent pastel vinyl. I remembered it last night, so, I played one of my favorite songs from that record: "I'm Waiting for the Day." The timpani and the flutes give me chills. I just love the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds so much. It's definitely an obsession. I am trying to get into their album Smile again, but it just isn't doing it for me.

I played Tennessee Ernie Ford/Kay Star and the Light Crust Doughboys last night to get me geared up for WXYC's Orange County Special program which I will be hosting this Sunday from 10am to 1pm. I used to host this show regularly in the late 90s until I was told that someone at WXYC didn't like my music choices for this show... too much western swing. Well, it's been a few years and I think that the rules are less rigid these days. I am going to play ALOT of western swing and MANY silly country songs. Tune in!

Uncomfortably Numb

Today will be Day #2 of this Non-Profit Accounting Conference. Yesterday, I was the only non-CPA in the room. We studied among other topics, "Guarantor's Accounting and Disclosure Requirements for Guarantees, Including Indirect Guarantees of Indebtedness of Others." Easy! Just take 10% probability of default based on history of guarantees to others and multiply by the present value of $1 table at 4% risk free rate.

Um, yeah.

I think that there will be more non-profit professionals in the room today and fewer auditors.

The highlight of my day was having my first radio show of the summer! It was great despite it being open-station night for prospective DJs and being interrupted for an on-air band interview. The band seemed a little drunk. I played Wayne Newton.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Squared

I never thought that I would ever start a blog. I thought that bloggers were nerdy. Ew. And when I did start the blog, I thought that I would just write a couple entries and then probably let it fizzle out like I do with so many projects... gardening, drawing, painting, rollerskating, house repair, etc.

But now, I've reached my one-hundredth post. It feels weird. I have never thought highly of my writing and have been terribly embarrassed with my skill (or lack thereof). And I completely blame my high school English teacher from my senior year. She ruined me and my confidence in writing anything again was obliterated. I had to write an essay on an exam about Heart of Darkness and I did horribly. I made a D and I had never made a D ever in my life. She didn't have much faith in my abilities as an English scholar. But I placed out of English my freshman year at UNC, so bite me, Mrs. Russell.

I owe David a great deal of gratitude for forcing me to face my fear several years ago. David and I made some sort of pact that somehow ended in me writing record reviews for I didn't write anything fancy, but just a few sentences about a few different records. I loved it. I am still very proud of myself.

And now here I am filling up the world wide web with useful and interesting views on Gene Kelly's ass, the Muppets, mix tapes, and my obsession with music. Whee!

Anyway, my intention with this post is not to mark my 100th blog entry, but to make a plug for one of my favorite bands. The Asylum Street Spankers are playing at the Carrboro Artscenter tomorrow night. They play old-timey music using all sorts of instruments like a washboard, kazoo, horns, string bass, and ukulele (among other instruments). They play all sorts of music, but I love all the old nasty blues covers from the 1930s and 40s. And I mean nasty. Whew! The coolest thing about their live performances is that they play without any amplification. And they belt out their songs with alot of heart and gut. It is really an amazing spectacle to witness. One time many years ago, they played at 506 to a crowd of jaded scenesters who just stood there open-mouthed in shock. I've been out of the Spanker loop over the past couple years, but I've heard that they like to cover popular contemporary songs in a high-energy bluegrass style. (Kinda like the hillbilly band version of Kiki and Herb.) I cannot wait.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Boring Ankle Update

Maybe I can make it sound exciting somehow. Lately, my blog entries have been B-O-R-I-N-G. But how the heck can one make ankle news exciting? I went to the physical therapist yesterday. He was really cute. That was exciting. But then he made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

As I was sitting on the platform, he positioned my feet so that they hung a bit off the edge so that he could wiggle my ankle around to see how much he could bend it before I kicked him in the face. But the thing is, he positioned himself with his legs spread wide open so that when I stared down at my purple swollen foot, I couldn't help but look directly at his crotch. It was just right there. The whole situation made me blush. I couldn't avoid it. It reminded me of the complaints of my guy friends who try to read the writing on a woman's t-shirt, but have difficulty because the writing is directly over the woman's boobs. Since I was struggling to avoid looking directly at the sun and he was twisting my ankle in ways that no ankle should be twisted, I had a hard time concentrating on what he was telling me.

But the therapist did get through to me and scared me with one word: ATROPHY. I have some. In my calf. He jiggled it like it was jello. (Note to guys: NEVER ever jiggle any part of a woman's body like jello or you might get yourself horribly injured.) He said that I need to start weaning myself off the cast and start walking with sneakers and crutches or cane. A cane - how lovely! Also, I have to start exercising my foot three to five times a day. One of the exercises is wrapping a belt around the ball of my foot and pulling my foot toward me.... OW! And then there is this neat little exercise: I have to pretend like I am writing the alphabet with my big toe in the air in an effort to bend and rotate my ankle. It is really really hard and painful.

I also went to the eye doctor today. I thought I was slowly going blind, because I cannot read street signs. He told me "Welcome to the late thirties. Get used to it." Dude! I'm in my mid-thirties. *MID*-thirties. Mid-thirties. DON'T MAKE ME OLDER THAN I REALLY AM!

My glasses prescription changed just a teeny bit, but overall, no changes in my vision in the past 3 years. I guess that the street sign problem and the double vision are just a product of years of eye problems, surgeries, and middle age. [Am I middle-aged yet? Nah.] But I am excited to get some new frames since I've had these since 1999. I want some new girly glasses.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Do You Really Want to Hear About My Ankle?

Nah. I don't want to hear about my ankle either. Maybe I'll write about it tomorrow. Physical therapy. Exercises. Crutches. Blah. Blah. Blah. BLAH!

Today I had to drive around town for work, which was painful, but I didn't care because I discovered my new all-time favorite song [of the week]. I played it over and over and over today. This song just made my day: "Here At the Right Time" by Josh Ritter. It is so beautiful. Ritter sings this gentle little sad little with only a piano. I am so in love with this song. And it's only the first song on the record! I might explode if I listen to any other songs on the record. Sad songs make me so happy.

UPDATE: I did explode. I exploded in dance (on one foot). "Lillian, Egypt." Holy crap!!! That song is great. I got up out of my polka-dotted chair and danced. Well, I did this big ugly one-legged dance that involved me yanking my torso around and wildly pointing in the air with my thumbs. It wasn't very pretty, but it felt great. His voice reminds me of Grandpa Jones in this song. It is the best jangly dance song ever!!! I've gotta go dance again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Three Days Without Crutches

It was four weeks ago today that I sprained the ankle/fractured the foot. Today, I made it through another day without crutches or even really thinking about using them. A week ago, I don't think I could've envisioned myself getting to this point. The whole ankle saga has seemed like it would never end. Tomorrow, is aggressive physical therapy day... I am really really dreading it. The doctor warned me several times about the pain that I will experience tomorrow. I keep trying to figure out an excuse so that I can get out of it. I do have a really packed day at work tomorrow.

Hey kids! Today's song of the day is "Don't Say A Word" by Crooked Fingers. Over the years, this song has gone in and out of my obsession playbox alot. And now it has returned... but it is a wonderful song to listen to on endless repeat. So far today, I have only listened to it seven times. I just get lost in the guitar. And the lyrics... they are so sad. [They say you learn, the more it burns. But what good does that do? If what you learn don't help to bring the one you love back to you?] Gosh, it just makes me tear up. And I swear, my stereo speakers were just made for Eric Bachmann's raspy, sexy, earthy voice. Go out and buy his records. I really love Red Devil Dawn and Dignity & Shame. I'm serious. Go buy them.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Triggers of Memories

This week, I have been listening to Aretha Franklin. Not the soul stuff, but the jazzy ballady stuff. I was first introduced to her album Sweet Bitter Love when I worked a Cameron's in the early 90s ... back when I had given up on rock music because I thought it all sucked. I absolutely loved this record. I played it almost every shift I worked at the store. Her voice is so strong but beautiful and memorizing... the overly stringy arrangements don't bother me. Her voice. Her voice. Her voice.

As I've been listening to Sweet Bitter Love this week, I cannot help but think of my old friend Craven and our post-college years together in our apartment in Durham. We lived on the second floor of this large fabulous brick house which balcony porches and french doors and a little telephone nook. Individual songs on Aretha's record bring back such specific memories.

"Nobody But You" reminds me of a Christmas when Craven gave me claves (one of the best presents ever) and we drank a jug of wine that my parents had given me for my birthday. I can remember the sound of Craven clomping up the stairs and the squeak of the door as he entered the house every night after work when I hear "Try A Little Tenderness." "Accentuate the Positive" calls up times of wearing wigs and lighting matches off our teeth and dancing in front of the fireplace. "Today I Sing the Blues" conjures up memories of cold winters and looking off the balcony at the snow on the ground and the weird people on skis on Mangum Street. "Sweet Bitter Love" reminds me of Craven eating corn chips on roller skates in our kitchen.

[Photo taken by Craven's mama in Fall 1990 during our sophomore year of college.]

Every time I hear "Blue Holiday," it makes me tear up a little. It makes me wish that Craven didn't live across the country and that we hadn't let our friendship slide as much as it has. He's getting married in a few months... a weekend that Aretha Franklin is playing at UNC. I'll miss the Aretha concert, but I'll see Craven. I hope that he'll save me a dance to "Accentuate the Positive." But we don't have to light matches off our teeth.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Be Aggressive! Be Be Aggressive!

I went to the orthopaedist yesterday for my follow up visit. Over the past few days, I have been able to put weight on my foot which is a relief because now the blisters under my arms can begin to heal. But the doctor was surprised that I was still on crutches at all. I explained to him that I followed his advice that he gave me three weeks ago which was to let pain be my guide.

At that time, I thought that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I didn't feel alot pain, so I didn't change anything about my daily activities. I ran errands, did my radio show, walked to dinner, etc. When I told the doctor this yesterday, he chuckled and said, "Well, you need to let pain be more of a guide than that. No wonder you're still on crutches!"

He was concerned that my ankle was still swollen and bruised (especially on the bottom of my foot), so he ran more x-rays. No new sprains or fractures were found, thank goodness. But he really wants me to work on getting rid of the crutches. He wants me to start aggressive physical therapy next week. He gave me a HUGE prescription for pain pills. He said that I must take one before each therapy session, because the physical therapists are going to push me hard. Ugh. That sounds horrible. Can't I just do some little ankle exercises at home in my polka-dotted chair?

Today was a good day. I carried my crutches to work, but I left them in the car. I was able to hobble around pretty well without them. I still don't feel steady and I clung to walls as I walked, but I did it.

Saturday, the Midtown Dickens are playing at 305 South. I hope I can manage to get out to see all depends on what my ankle will allow. I heard them on Ross' radio show last week and they were great. They play a banjo AND a ukulele. Banjos are neat, but banjo ukuleles are neater.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Today, I had an out-of-body experience: I looked at myself and said who is this well-composed, articulate woman who can answer multiple questions on the spot? Holy crap, that's me!! Sometimes I can look and act like a real grown up.

I was completely surprised with how well both of my board presentations went!!! I had never even been to one of these meetings before. I totally nailed it. I am so proud of myself. The board even took time to give me praise on all my hard work. Wow!

I am so excited. I am going to celebrate: Champagne, chocolate and Bill on the radio until midnight tonight.

As the Minders would say: Hooray for Tuesday!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety

The word "anxiety" is very interesting visually when typed five times. The upward point of the capital 'A' and the downward point of the lowercase 'y' makes it flow nicely. The 'x' makes it feel kinda like a plaid design.

Although anxiety is pretty typed on the computer screen, it is not pretty when I feel it. And boy, do I feel it. I was told last Friday that I have not one, but two board presentations to do tomorrow!!! I didn't really sink in last week, but it sunk in today. I am a numbers person and not a words person, especially when I have to find words and speak them coherently standing in front of twenty people. I have a rough outline sketched out, but I need to practice it tonight and definitely give it some polishing. Bleah. I'd rather watch my front window or watch Rear Window (which arrived via Netflix).

I am glad that Christa helped hang the art on my wall. I now have a practice audience for my presentation. And friends to keep me company until I can get out and about on my own.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Retail Therapy

Christa calls: "How's the ankle? Do you need anything? Do you need a trip to the store? Do you need any groceries?"

"Well, I am low on chocolate and champagne. Oh, and I need some outsider art."

"Do you need anything else?"

"Yeah, could you help me hang some pictures in my living room?"


Best Saturday ever.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Less Pain More Gain

The pain in my ankle is finally finally subsiding. It's still fairly swollen and bruised, but I no longer have shooting pains up my leg when I lower my leg from the ottoman. With my newly found freedom from excrutiating pain, I have been more social and have invited friends over and even ventured out on brief excursions.

Last night, Christa came over bearing dinner and her laptop. We popped open a bottle of champagne, chowed on a salad (my body was in shock), powered up the laptops and geeked for hours. We traded some music, drank lots of champagne, gossiped and installed instant messenger on my machine. I still don't really know how it works, but I now have the ability to send requests to WXYC.

Today was an absolutely amazing day, but I'll blog it tomorrow, as I just stumbled across Welcome Back, Kotter on TV. In 1995, as I was recovering from surgery in a hospital bed at Duke, I discovered a week-long Welcome Back, Kotter marathon on hospital TV. I lived for it every day. 8 episodes every night. I didn't need morphine... only Epstein, Barbarino, Kotter, and Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington from 8pm to midnight. I am convinced that it played a major role in my recovery. But given the state I was in, WBK was the only thing that was easy to watch that took my mind off of being laid up in a hospital bed and hooked up to lots of tubes. I think that Horshak might have special healing powers. And John Travolta is just cute!

Is that Boom Boom djing? Although I don't see the turntables, I definitely see the records and is that a cart machine in the background? Ahhhh... the days of djing with LPs and carts.

My Musical Horrorscope

It's 1 in the morning and I still have a 1/3 of a bottle of Pierre Moncuit left to finish. So, it's time for my horrorscope:

Maxine Sullivan - Massachusetts
Tom Lehrer - In Old Mexico
Sun Kil Moon - Grey Ice Water
The Eels - Dusk: A Peach In the Orchard
The Swallows - It Ain't The Meat
Luna - Slash Your Tires

I could write oodles and oodles about these songs and why I love each of them so much. But instead, I am going to shake my butt and bounce up and down in my polka-dotted chair to this Luna song at full blast. This is the best musical horrorscope. This weekend is going to be great!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

I Am A Musical Whore

The past few months have provided lots of musical excitement. I've got CDs coming from folks all over and it's absolutely wonderful. I joke with my friends about my many musical affairs. I am such a whore... I'll trade mix CDs with anyone who's willing!

I once met a musical partner in Mt. Airy by accident. I overheard a conversation this old-time banjo player was having about a mix CD that a friend gave him. As he was describing the songs, I realized that it was one of my mine! I introduced myself and we instantly connected musically. We had an amazing ongoing musical affair for a couple years. He would send me multiple mini discs of these crazy old ska 45's that he very roughly recorded and collections of dirty blues songs. I'd send him mixes of food songs, dirty R&B, silly old country songs and indie pop. I haven't heard from him in years, but I still send him a mix CD every now and then.

Christa and I started our affair in the late 90s, when she cohosted a few Thursday Night Features on WXYC with me. We'd do these three-hour shows on dreamy vocalists from the 40s and 50s and we's share tapes or CDs of our favorites. And then there were the tapes of our annual Bettyfest on Divaville at WXDU. Our musical affair continues to this day. She is the only person around who I can geek with on the best decade of Bobby Darin's career, the slur in Sarah Vaughan's voice, or the best version of "The Way You Look Tonight."

Back then, WXYC led me to another musical partner. A listener in Brazil had loved one of my shows and emailed the station to find out who I was. I can't remember his name. He was obsessed with Superchunk and I was obsessed with Latin psychedelic music and Carmen Miranda. Our musical affair was beautiful. He would go absolutely nuts when he received a stack of autographed Superchunk CDs in the mail.

There was also Jason. Over the course of many years, I'd get a phone call every few months: "Dude, whatcha doin' tonight? Well, ya see, I need your help, Charlotte. Can I come over?" We'd pull out the bourbon and cigarettes and I'd listen to his sometimes dire stories of his romantic relationships. His stories would end with "What should I do, Charlotte?!? I really like her!"

My response: "We have to make her a mix tape!" Concocting a mix tape on cassette would usually take us all night since we were recording in real time and we never managed to hit the stop button at the right moment. And then there was the discussion of the lyrics... everything had to be perfect. We couldn't give off the wrong impression!!! Our mix tapes of woo always seemed to work for Jason. I know what girls want. A couple years ago, the night before Jason moved across the country, we made our last mix tape together. We made a pact that twice a year, we'd make mix CDs for each other. It worked for a little while, but alas that musical relationship has fizzled, too. (Jason, come back!!! I need your mix!)

I have been having an ongoing musical affair for the past couple years with my friend, Lightnin'. I saw him about a month ago and found out that when I was going through my Donovan obsession, he was on a Donovan kick at the same time. How cool is that!? He's sent me some great ukulele music, some crazy calypso, yodeling, and we even swapped comfort CDs.

Every now and I then I am invited to be in a musical orgy, more politely called Mix Tape Club. I am currently having musical relations with a bunch of folks in Manhattan, some of whom I will never meet. There's 12 of us and each month one person mails out a CD to the rest of the group. It's thrilling!! My month is July which is National Hotdog Month... heh heh heh.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What's Your Horrorscope?

I used to have a mild fascination with astrology, horoscopes, and numerology in the back of fashion magazines, which I loved to read in the beauty parlor. (Does anyone call it the beauty parlor anymore?) These astrologists were certain that all Capricorns were going to meet the love of our lives and amass large amounts of money through significant career changes that very month!!! I knew it was all a load of crap, but I read it anyway. I was usually reading old magazines with outdated fortunes and I would think to myself... well, I don't remember stumbling across a huge lump of cash on March 5th or having a cosmic encounter on March 27th. But I read them anyway.

Nowadays, I seek my daily horrorscope from my Ipod or Itunes. The way it works is put your Ipod on random. The first ten to twelve songs become your daily fortune. Or if you just need a quickie, just let it choose one song for you. Right now, my quickie is "Letter From Belgium" by the Mountain Goats.

Last night, I had a great fortune... maybe not lyrically, but musically, it flowed extremely well which I interpret to mean that life is great!!!! Hearing a great segue created randomly by your Ipod is the best fortune you can get, in my opinion.

Either Way - Wilco
Where Is My Love - Cat Power
With Whom To Dance? - The Magnetic Fields
Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky - The Blue Sky Boys
Waking Up Baby - Roy Milton
Brown Eyes - Red House Painters
Homebrew Rag - Roanoke Jug Band
Bright As Yellow - The Innocence Mission
Some People Ride The Wave - Devendra Banhart
Man Who Died Of Nothing At All - Crooked Fingers
Martha - Tom Waits
Air -Talking Heads

That's half of it. I liked it so much, I let Itunes continue to spell out my fortune and it formed itself into a mix CD. And I love it. This one is for Lightnin'.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ew, You Write Like A Boy

I've been interested in what various Durham bloggers have to say about our downtown revitalization and the role that Greenfire Development is playing in this. Today, there was a grand opening ceremony for TROSA's Furniture & Frame Shop downtown on Foster Street (close to Piedmont). The City Manager was there along with members of Durham's Chamber of Commerce as well as folks from Greenfire who lease the building to TROSA. It was a very nice event all around and I was very impressed. (AND I MADE IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!)

As I was reading the various Durham blogs about downtown and demolition and revitalization and that Oprah sign, I stumbled across the Gender Genie (via). Cut and paste some text into the box and the Gender Genie will run some algorithm on it and determine whether the author is masculine or feminine.

I ran about a dozen of my blog entries through and all of them came back that I was more masculine than feminine. Some by alot. And I am trying so hard to be girly these days!! Hmmm.. Maybe it's because I still have Ross McElwee stuck in my head narrating my life. Maybe it would be different if Charleen was in there instead.

Female Score: 184
Male Score: 350

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I Miss Cooking

As I've been sitting here confined to my polka-dotted chair, I've been watching the magazines pile up. I don't know how I accumulated so many magazine subscriptions. I don't even read all of them. For instance, I receive the Duke alumni magazine which I only sometimes open. Boo Duke!! The New Yorker is so chock full of information that I feel overwhelmed and usually end up reading one article a month if I am lucky. Then there is the local Sun magazine of which I usually just browse the Readers Write section. I have two music magazine subscriptions, which is too much, but I think that one was a gift.

Today, Saveur came in the mail. This and Cooks Illustrated are my favorite magazines which is somewhat ironic since I have never cooked until very recently. And and it's going to be awhile before I return to my culinary explorations. On Saveur's cover is the tastiest looking salad ever. It's a spinach salad with shallots and bacon, much like the one that I made for Elizabeth & Noah a couple months ago. It looks so tasty. My diet of the past couple weeks has been lacking adequate leafy foods. I am dying for some greens. Especially greens with bacon. My diet is extremely limited these days.

As I was flipping through Saveur this evening, I saw various articles about elaborate kitchens and places that I cannot afford to visit. But then, I came across this one photograph and my jaw dropped and I immediately started salivating. It was a picture of chocolate. It was porn. Chocolate porn. Handmade corn tortilla filled with melted chocolate. Delicious. The recipe looks easy enough, but it calls for four cups of masa harina. There are enough Latino groceries in Lakewood that I am sure that I can find it around here.

The more recipes I read, the more I realize I have no clue what goes into the food I eat or how it is prepared. Maybe once I am better I'll try to continue teaching myself how to cook and learning where to find certain ingredients in the grocery. Until then, I think I'll set the goal of getting well enough to go out to eat supper at Lantern one night in the next couple weeks. Rossi still owes me dinner.