Thursday, May 10, 2007

Be Aggressive! Be Be Aggressive!

I went to the orthopaedist yesterday for my follow up visit. Over the past few days, I have been able to put weight on my foot which is a relief because now the blisters under my arms can begin to heal. But the doctor was surprised that I was still on crutches at all. I explained to him that I followed his advice that he gave me three weeks ago which was to let pain be my guide.

At that time, I thought that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I didn't feel alot pain, so I didn't change anything about my daily activities. I ran errands, did my radio show, walked to dinner, etc. When I told the doctor this yesterday, he chuckled and said, "Well, you need to let pain be more of a guide than that. No wonder you're still on crutches!"

He was concerned that my ankle was still swollen and bruised (especially on the bottom of my foot), so he ran more x-rays. No new sprains or fractures were found, thank goodness. But he really wants me to work on getting rid of the crutches. He wants me to start aggressive physical therapy next week. He gave me a HUGE prescription for pain pills. He said that I must take one before each therapy session, because the physical therapists are going to push me hard. Ugh. That sounds horrible. Can't I just do some little ankle exercises at home in my polka-dotted chair?

Today was a good day. I carried my crutches to work, but I left them in the car. I was able to hobble around pretty well without them. I still don't feel steady and I clung to walls as I walked, but I did it.

Saturday, the Midtown Dickens are playing at 305 South. I hope I can manage to get out to see all depends on what my ankle will allow. I heard them on Ross' radio show last week and they were great. They play a banjo AND a ukulele. Banjos are neat, but banjo ukuleles are neater.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Charo,

We, Midtown Dickens, heart you and your ankle.

We would like to come and hang out with you on the airwaves one day.