Sunday, May 27, 2007

Radio Show Sunday, May 27 10AM-1PM

Snuffy Jenkins - Television
Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies - Oh You Pretty Woman
Roy Smeck - Steel Guitar Rag
Tommy Collins - You Better Not Do That
Charlie Rich - Who Will the Next Fool Be?
Sister Wynona Carr - The Ball Game
The Five Scamps - Stuttering Blues
Any Old Time String Band - Free Little Bird
Hank Penny - Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon
Little Jimmy Dickens - Take An Old Cold Tater (And Wait)
Freight Hoppers - Cornbread, Molasses and Sassafras
O.B. Jackson - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Big Fat Turkey/Happy Birthday To You
The Mississippi Mud Mashers - Bring It On Home to Grandma
Tex Williams - Never Trust A Woman
Sol Hoopii - I Like You
The Texas Drifter - The Yodelin' Teacher
Shirley Caesar with the Caravans - Soul Salvation
Pee Wee King - Hog Wild Too

Today, I hosted a show on WXYC called the Orange County Special. I haven't hosted one of these specialty shows in years and years. It was alot of fun. But holy cow, it was hard. All these old songs are about two minutes long, and that can be exhausting after three hours. The entire playlist can be found here.

There is this great CD at the station about North Carolina hollerin'. Before the age of telephones or radios, folks would just holler information... it kinda sounds like yodeling to me, but real connoisseurs will probably cringe at that comparison. The national hollering contest is coming up soon in Spivey's Corner. If you've never been, it is definitely worth the road trip. It is surreal to say the least. I played my favorite off the hollerin' CD in which this guys hollers "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Happy Birthday." Nice.

The dj doing the Hell or High Water show after my show walked in during Pee Wee King's "Hog Wild Too" and we both laughed out loud at King's snorting/oinking parts in the song. She also told me that her mom got Shirley Caesar's autograph when she ran into her in Raleigh last week. Cool.

I've gone back to that Freight Hoppers CD several times over the past few months and I really like it alot. They've broken up, but you can still hear their music on their myspace page. Old-time music just rocks my world. I would give anything to be able to play old-time guitar or banjo. But for now, I'll just keep cloggin'... well, once my ankle heals.


germfodor said...

Hey Charlotte-
Did you know Michael Pilmer once WON the Whistlin' Contest at the Spivey's Corner Hollerin' Contest?!
I think it was either 1989 or 1990...
You should ask Michael about this! I have some photos around here somewhere of him on stage at this event - and I know he has an awesome signed headshot photo of Miss Spivey's Corner.

Charo said...

I remember him telling me this. I went to the Hollerin' Contest with Michael and Todd back during my Alien Skin days. It was great. What does Miss Spivey's Corner look like?