Sunday, May 13, 2007

Three Days Without Crutches

It was four weeks ago today that I sprained the ankle/fractured the foot. Today, I made it through another day without crutches or even really thinking about using them. A week ago, I don't think I could've envisioned myself getting to this point. The whole ankle saga has seemed like it would never end. Tomorrow, is aggressive physical therapy day... I am really really dreading it. The doctor warned me several times about the pain that I will experience tomorrow. I keep trying to figure out an excuse so that I can get out of it. I do have a really packed day at work tomorrow.

Hey kids! Today's song of the day is "Don't Say A Word" by Crooked Fingers. Over the years, this song has gone in and out of my obsession playbox alot. And now it has returned... but it is a wonderful song to listen to on endless repeat. So far today, I have only listened to it seven times. I just get lost in the guitar. And the lyrics... they are so sad. [They say you learn, the more it burns. But what good does that do? If what you learn don't help to bring the one you love back to you?] Gosh, it just makes me tear up. And I swear, my stereo speakers were just made for Eric Bachmann's raspy, sexy, earthy voice. Go out and buy his records. I really love Red Devil Dawn and Dignity & Shame. I'm serious. Go buy them.

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