Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Musical Horrorscope

It's 1 in the morning and I still have a 1/3 of a bottle of Pierre Moncuit left to finish. So, it's time for my horrorscope:

Maxine Sullivan - Massachusetts
Tom Lehrer - In Old Mexico
Sun Kil Moon - Grey Ice Water
The Eels - Dusk: A Peach In the Orchard
The Swallows - It Ain't The Meat
Luna - Slash Your Tires

I could write oodles and oodles about these songs and why I love each of them so much. But instead, I am going to shake my butt and bounce up and down in my polka-dotted chair to this Luna song at full blast. This is the best musical horrorscope. This weekend is going to be great!!!

1 comment:

sara said...

oh man, charlotte,
tom lehrer!!! you are going to have a good weekend.