Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ew, You Write Like A Boy

I've been interested in what various Durham bloggers have to say about our downtown revitalization and the role that Greenfire Development is playing in this. Today, there was a grand opening ceremony for TROSA's Furniture & Frame Shop downtown on Foster Street (close to Piedmont). The City Manager was there along with members of Durham's Chamber of Commerce as well as folks from Greenfire who lease the building to TROSA. It was a very nice event all around and I was very impressed. (AND I MADE IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!)

As I was reading the various Durham blogs about downtown and demolition and revitalization and that Oprah sign, I stumbled across the Gender Genie (via). Cut and paste some text into the box and the Gender Genie will run some algorithm on it and determine whether the author is masculine or feminine.

I ran about a dozen of my blog entries through and all of them came back that I was more masculine than feminine. Some by alot. And I am trying so hard to be girly these days!! Hmmm.. Maybe it's because I still have Ross McElwee stuck in my head narrating my life. Maybe it would be different if Charleen was in there instead.

Female Score: 184
Male Score: 350

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agnes.v said...

Hey, I just came across your blog courtesy of the Google blog alert set to "TROSA" =) Great blog!