Thursday, May 3, 2007

What's Your Horrorscope?

I used to have a mild fascination with astrology, horoscopes, and numerology in the back of fashion magazines, which I loved to read in the beauty parlor. (Does anyone call it the beauty parlor anymore?) These astrologists were certain that all Capricorns were going to meet the love of our lives and amass large amounts of money through significant career changes that very month!!! I knew it was all a load of crap, but I read it anyway. I was usually reading old magazines with outdated fortunes and I would think to myself... well, I don't remember stumbling across a huge lump of cash on March 5th or having a cosmic encounter on March 27th. But I read them anyway.

Nowadays, I seek my daily horrorscope from my Ipod or Itunes. The way it works is put your Ipod on random. The first ten to twelve songs become your daily fortune. Or if you just need a quickie, just let it choose one song for you. Right now, my quickie is "Letter From Belgium" by the Mountain Goats.

Last night, I had a great fortune... maybe not lyrically, but musically, it flowed extremely well which I interpret to mean that life is great!!!! Hearing a great segue created randomly by your Ipod is the best fortune you can get, in my opinion.

Either Way - Wilco
Where Is My Love - Cat Power
With Whom To Dance? - The Magnetic Fields
Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky - The Blue Sky Boys
Waking Up Baby - Roy Milton
Brown Eyes - Red House Painters
Homebrew Rag - Roanoke Jug Band
Bright As Yellow - The Innocence Mission
Some People Ride The Wave - Devendra Banhart
Man Who Died Of Nothing At All - Crooked Fingers
Martha - Tom Waits
Air -Talking Heads

That's half of it. I liked it so much, I let Itunes continue to spell out my fortune and it formed itself into a mix CD. And I love it. This one is for Lightnin'.

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