Monday, May 7, 2007

Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety

The word "anxiety" is very interesting visually when typed five times. The upward point of the capital 'A' and the downward point of the lowercase 'y' makes it flow nicely. The 'x' makes it feel kinda like a plaid design.

Although anxiety is pretty typed on the computer screen, it is not pretty when I feel it. And boy, do I feel it. I was told last Friday that I have not one, but two board presentations to do tomorrow!!! I didn't really sink in last week, but it sunk in today. I am a numbers person and not a words person, especially when I have to find words and speak them coherently standing in front of twenty people. I have a rough outline sketched out, but I need to practice it tonight and definitely give it some polishing. Bleah. I'd rather watch my front window or watch Rear Window (which arrived via Netflix).

I am glad that Christa helped hang the art on my wall. I now have a practice audience for my presentation. And friends to keep me company until I can get out and about on my own.

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