Friday, July 27, 2007

Radio Show, Tuesday July 24 6-9PM

Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider
Desi Arnaz - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Skeets McDonald - Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes
Ashley Stove - Amen Grasshopper
Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
Small Sins - Is She the One
Brian Eno - I'll Come Running
The Replacements - I Will Dare
Marshall Crenshaw - Cynical Girl
Luna - California (All the Way)
Gene Kardos & His Orchestra - A HOT DOG, A Blanket & You
Les Chauds Lapins - These Foolish Things
Fluffy Hunter with the Jesse Powell Orchestra - The Walkin' Blues

Sunday night, I ended up having dinner at James Joyce. (Federal was too crowded and James Joyce was blaring Camera Obscura, who I love to the point of obsession). About halfway through my burger, I heard a familiar guitar line and the words "I've gotta run to keep from hiding/And I'm bound to keep on riding." I racked my brain trying to figure out who was singing this song. Once I was told that it was the Allman Brothers, I knew I had to play it on my radio show. There is definitely not enough Allman Brothers being played on WXYC these days. And "Midnight Rider" is just a great song. I just now tried to play it on the ukulele and it has too few chords and it relies too much on vocals. Neh.

And folks, my favorite holiday of the year is coming to a close. National Hot Dog Month is just days away from ending. So sad. In honor of the last few days of this monumental holiday, I had to play "A Hot Dog, A Blanket, and You" by Gene Kardos and his Orchestra.

I gotta get back to the ukulele practicing. But I do want to play some 70s soft rock or 70s country rock on the ukulele. Maybe I can try America's "Sister Golden Hair."

My entire playlist can be found here.

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