Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Jersey Hot Dog Jaunt

I was really happy to catch up with my friend, Robert, on this trip to New York. He loves a hot dog and is always more than willing to take me, Lee and Ewald to try new hot dog stands in and around New York. He can tell you where to find some of the best eats around the city... always a good friend to have.

Today, Robert, Fenna, Lee and I took a short trip over to Jersey City to try a dog at Boulevard Drinks, where they only serve hot dogs. No french fries, no onion rings, no hamburgers. Just hot dogs. And soft drinks. I tried their onion chili hot dog. I learned that this did not mean two condiments, but it was a single condiment of spicy chili laced with onions. Very tasty.

We also traveled down the street where I ate my first White Castle burger which was very odd. We don't have White Castles in North Carolina and I've had only one fast food burger in the past 18 years to compare the White Castle to. The sandwich is a little bit smaller than a Biscuitville biscuit and the meat is the thickness of a piece of bologna. Robert, Lee and I shared it and then ate an Indian pistachio popsicle (not from White Castle), which I gotta say was better than Locopops.

Robert also took us by Singh's Department Store, which was a bit scary. Lee and I thought it was closed at first since you couldn't really see inside. But then we realized that the reason you couldn't see anything was that there was stuff packed to the ceiling. There was only a single narrow path down the center of the store and you really couldn't see a thing. It seemed like what bad dreams are made of. I think that someone had an obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder and filled a room with as much stuff as possible and slapped a store sign over it. I really loved it and could've spent all day in there. The figure that you see standing in the photo below is standing in the entrance at the very front of the store. That's how crammed this store was.

Robert says that he might be coming to North Carolina to work on some new stories on barbeque and might be willing to take me along. Whee!

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Maggie said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! The last time I was in NYC Robert's book helped me find San Antonio bakery #2, out near La Guardia. They have dogs in wonderful crusty-fresh buns, and they come with tomatos & guacamole!

Please thank him for me.

And what IS his relationship with Tom Sietsema, the DC food dude?