Wednesday, July 4, 2007

66 HDB!

The event began with of all things... CLOGGING!! Clogtastic!!

I love the horrified face of the number-spinner:


Yes, I was this close to Joey. I took this picture. Luckily he didn't puke on me when I got his autograph. He stole my pen.

Koby doesn't speak English, so I couldn't ask him to pose with me. He had on a clean shirt.

More later.


germfodor said...

After watching this event on the teevee here at home, I mentioned to Skip, "See, now NEXT year Charo should be one of the hot babes on stage with the scorecards. ("number-spinners"? sheesh...MORE ling!)
But now that I know they actually have cloggers(huh? wow!) as an opening act ... Dude!!-you HAVE to get in on that!

I'm glad you had a great time.
And since you had some sort of press-pass there...we'd sure better hear a buncha press when you get back!


germfodor said...

"lingo" I meant to spell

Charlotte said...

We had VIP passes and were right up front. We had a cooler of beer and water that the IFOCE provided for us. The dancers were called Bunnettes. I think I would rather be a judge/referee. The Bunnettes looked bored and their butts were hanging out of their little short-shorts. Probably not the best look for me.

Gye Greene said...

re: Joey comment. On my first read, I thought you said he ATE your pen!