Thursday, July 26, 2007

Late Night Horrorscope

America - Lonely People
Ocie Stockard & the Wanderers - You've Got Me There
The Four Yanks - Dudu Wam
Eric Bachman - Genie, Genie
Ella - Angel Eyes
Roba Stanley - Single Life
Beck - Paper Tiger
The Minders - I've Been Wondering
Little Willie John - Let Them Talk
Wayne Newton - Strangers in the Night

It's hard to listen to any song these days without rating it ukulelebility. America's "Lonely People" has a high ukulelebility rating, but Little Willie John's "Let Them Talk" doesn't.

Right now, I am really trying to figure out the chords on Buck Owen's "I Betcha Didn't Know." My musical limitations are really killing me these days. I want to be able to play four-fingered chords, strum in rhythm, and sing in key. AND I CAN'T!!!! And I really want to be able to listen to songs and figure out the chords for them. I want it so bad. I just gotta conquer this one Buck Owen's song.... maybe tomorrow.


Phil said...

And speaking of ukes and the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that we were listening to recently:

I just saw an episode of Scrubs in which Ted's quartet does a faithful copy, complete with ukelele, performed on the hospital's rooftop.

Like you, I am also learning my way to figuring out chords by ear instead of looking them up on the internet. Last week I worked out the chords to the Kamakawiwo'ole "Somewhere..." It's pleasant to do on the piano. And a nice example to affirm some recent music theory I'd learned about typical chord progressions in pop music.

Phil said...

Oops -- I can't believe I misspelled "ukulele"! Actually, I can. But I still hate it.

Charlotte said...

I still have a long way to go with figuring out chords by ear. I did not succeed with the Buck Owens tune. But it was fun to try.

Charlotte said...

"Ukelele" is also an approved spelling. I just got a cd in the mail today with that spelling.