Friday, July 13, 2007

Radio Show, Tuesday July 10 6-9PM

Bob Mould - See A Little Light
Badfinger - Baby Blue
Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling
Trembling Blue Stars - Idyllwild
Billie Holiday - Blue Moon
Stampeders - Sweet City Woman
Kermit & Fozzie - Movin' Right Along
My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow
Ella Mae Morse - Solid Potato Salad
Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames - Hot Dog (BEST SONG EVER!!!)
Lulu Belle & Scotty - How Many Biscuits Can You Eat
Emmylou Harris - Every Grain of Sand
Beatles - Girl
Gene Kelly & Donald O'Conner - Moses
We All Have Hooks For Hands - The Man Trying to Outfox Us All

Tuesday night's show was fun. At one point, a random thought popped into my head that had absolutely nothing to do with what I had been playing during the first two hours of my show... I wanted to hear a song about potato salad. I left the control room with 30 seconds to go on the song playing over the air. I knew which potato salad song that I wanted to play (I say this as if there are dozens of potato salad songs), but I couldn't remember which section in the library the CD lived. Deep in thought about finding the potato salad song in less than 30 seconds, I hurried down the dark narrow hallway toward the blues library. I wasn't looking where I was going and I bumped into Bill.

When I ran into Bill, I was still immersed in my task at hand and I said, "I gotta find a song about potato salad." Once that sentence came out of my mouth, I realized how ridiculous I must've looked and sounded.

Entire playlist can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Your show on Tuesday night was awesome--I caught the beginning of it when I was in the car and I listened to the whole rest of it once I went inside my house. The set of songs about food, dedicated to Joey Chestnut, was truly inspired!

24 hours later, someone else at XYC played the Andrews Sisters song "Rum & Coca Cola"--that was interesting.

elsacapuntas said...

there's a song kinda about potato salad on evolution control committee's "plagiarhythm nation vol 2.0." it's called "lunch" and the lyrics are something like "hamburger! potato salad! hamburger! potato salad!"