Thursday, July 5, 2007

Folks, We Have A New Wiener & Champion Of the World

Last night, I rewatched the hot dog eating contest on ESPN2 here at my new favorite Brooklyn bar, Shenanigan's. ESPN edited out Koby's reversal of fortune at the end. They showed a crowd shot for the final seconds instead. I was told by friends in the bar that I was a conspiracy theorist since I accused Kobayashi of cheating last year and again this year. I even dreamt last night that Kobayashi's score was changed from 63 to the letter 'C.' However, I am not really sure what the 'C' stands for, but hey, it was a dream.

Entire photo collection of the hot dog eating contest can be found here. Don't worry, there are no puking pictures.


christa said...

your photos are AMAZING! some of my favorites are of Eater X, actually. (though joey is pretty damn cute.)

i cannot believe you were that close to everything.

Elizabeth said...

Did you see yourself on tv? I saw the R.O.F. on youtube.

Alisha wouldn't let us even mention watching it because of the vomit factor.

Charlotte said...

Alisha is not an American. During the first few minutes, you can see me taking pictures right in front of Joey and Koby. The security guard let me over there. And then I saw me and Lee clearly at the end. We were standing below the eaters at the left end of the table... Tim Brown, Crazy Legs Conti. We had a great view of Sonya.

I recorded it on my DVR... I hope it's in HD. You and Noah will have to come over after band practice to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy this funny playlist to go along with your story!

Music and hot dogs!

minty said...

Speaking of music and hot dogs, I just listened to "The Ballad of Joey Chestnut" by Billy Sugarfix on the Indy's website. Woo!

Your photos are great! Almost as good as being there, and no puking!