Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Dollar Hot Dog's Second Show

If you didn't know already, I belong to an all-soprano ukulele band called the High Dollar Hot Dogs just formed last month. The HDHDs had our second public appearance (and our fifth time playing together) last Saturday night at a party on my deck. It wasn't our best performance, but it was our biggest audience. But we didn't suck. I personally had a great time.

Once we sat down on the deck, got our instruments ready and our music set up, I looked up and thought, "Whoa. What in the hell are we doing?!? And who the hell are all these people!?!?" I have no idea how many party-goers were at my house on Saturday night.... somewhere around 70. And I didn't really know alot of them. That made me feel nervous about playing and singing.

But then we kicked into gear with the High Dollar Hot Dog theme song, "Ragged But Right." I felt a little better then.

At our practice last week before our gig, I was told that the band voted [without me] to drop "All of Me." I was sad, so I said, "What if I sang it Ethel Merman style?" We tried it with my accentuated vocals and Ted was stunned. It was a hit Saturday night, but I think that Ethel and "All of Me" now need to be laid to rest. I sang it again at practice last night (with just my regular voice) and it just didn't feel right. "All of Me" now needs to be retired to the HDHD archive.

Here is a super short video of us playing "Ragged But Right." Noah's voice is so great.


Anonymous said...

I think the champagne helped you feel a little better too, right??

Noah does have a really good voice! I enjoyed the performance a lot.

Charlotte said...

Champagne? What champagne?