Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Afternoon TV

Today, I got up very early to get to Chapel Hill to get some work done for my clients. I needed to get there early to ensure that I got a parking spot right out front. Driving hurts like hell. Using crutches is not easy either. But I did it. Neither of my clients' offices are very well suited for a person with crutches or a cast. But I squeezed myself in there and got them all caught up. I feel a huge weight lifted by getting that done.

It's weird how no one would make eye contact with me as I hobbled on my crutches on Franklin Street. I guess people don't know what to do if someone passes by with a physical impairment. That sucks.

When I arrived at the salon, there were some customers standing in there who saw me struggling with the door. They were standing probably 5 feet from the door and they just stood there and watched... they looked at me as if I were some beast trying to tear my way into the salon. Once I got in there and the stylists greeted me, they eased the customers anxiety by telling them that I was the accountant. Whew! Ladies, your purses are safe.

After work in Chapel Hill, I returned home to my all-too-familiar green polka-dotted chair and searched for something to watch on TV. I decided on Terms of Endearment. What a mistake. It seems like a good enough movie, but I didn't need to watch a film about a woman with three kids in a sucky marriage who dies from cancer. Bleah.

So, I pulled out my credit card and joined Netflix. I figure that if I am going to be stuck in this frickin' green chair for the next few weeks, I need to have something NOT depressing to watch. And 95% of the shows on cable TV are absolute CRAP.

First three films in my queue are Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Jerk, and Louisiana Story.

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