Monday, April 16, 2007

Documentaries Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Yesterday afternoon, I twisted my ankle as I descended some stairs at Full Frame. I thought... it's not that bad. It hurt and it was swollen, but I felt like I'd be fine. (I've never broken a bone or sprained an ankle before, until now.)

I woke up this morning and inspected my ankle and thought it looked alot better. The swelling was down and it seemed like my ankle was less purple. My ankle felt a little stiff but again, I thought I'll be fine!

Well, as the day wore on, my foot got bigger and bigger and eventually, my ankle bone disappeared completely. My foot and ankle turned a rainbow of colors and it started hurting. I tried to call my doctor, but I couldn't get an appointment because their power was out. So, I went to an urgent care clinic. The doctor there saw my ankle and suggested several x-rays to look for fractures. She came in later to tell me that she was shocked to discover that there were no fractures with such a severe sprain. At that point my foot was throbbing. I was sent home where I have to rest and keep my ankle elevated for the next couple days. I have to keep it wrapped in an ACE bandage and use this splint for the next SIX weeks! And I received this beautiful blue orthopedic shoe. SEXY!!!

No bowling or marching band for awhile. Now is the time that I wish I had a roommate.

UPDATE: The doctor just called and she and the radiologist discussed my x-rays and the is a spot of bone that they are concerned about. Basically, when I heard the big POP as I fell, it might have been my ligament tearing away from the bone and taking part of the bone with it. GROSS!!!! I have to make an appointment to go see an orthopedic surgeon. Holy crap!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing

Charo said...

Just wait until I get the results back from the orthopedic surgeon!