Monday, April 23, 2007

It's A Good Day

Today was an extremely painful day at work. I finally gave up at 4pm and came home to writhe in my polka-dotted chair. But instead of dwelling on how much my ankle hurts or how depressing it is to be confined to this chair, I'll celebrate some good things:
  1. I now have a water pitcher in the living room so that I can have a glass of water while sitting in my polka-dotted chair. (I couldn't figure out how to get a glass of water from the kitchen to the living room without crawling with it on the floor or filling a ziploc bag with water and carrying it with my crutches.)
  2. After rearranging some things in my kitchen, I can now maneuver around and actually eat something more substantial than cheese and crackers. I was able to heat up my dad's amazing bean and sausage soup and fix a glass of juice for supper this evening. I even sat at the kitchen table to eat.
  3. I ordered some crutch pads to help relieve my blisters.
  4. My Netflix movies will be here tomorrow. I am excited about seeing The Jerk again especially the ukulele section in the special features.
  5. I am really happy about the azaleas in my yard and my green grass!! My yard (as overgrown as it is) looks really good right now.
  6. I've got some books coming in the mail from Amazon, one of which should be here tomorrow or Wednesday so I can finally put down this lame memoir I've been working for the past month at a rate of a page a day.
  7. I am obsessed with looking out my front window. I took alot of pictures this afternoon with my camera phone. Once my foot gets a little better, I want to clean it to get a better view. I should open the blinds more often.
  8. I learned to play my all-time favorite song EVER, Dinah, on the banjo uke... after being inspired by an amazing old-time concert at the Q-Shack last night. I can sing that one in tune, too. "Dinah, Is there anyone finer in the state of Carolina? If there is and you know her, show her to me..."
I have an entire mix cd of all my favorite versions of Dinah. I haven't shared it with many people... just Christa and Lightnin' because they are the only ones who I think might appreciate my obsession with that song.

As I go back and read the contents of this post, I hear Ross McElwee in my head speaking the words. But when I read the title, I hear Kay Starr (pictured above) singing it. That's pretty cool. Or maybe I am slowly becoming even more crazy. Or maybe it's just the pain pills.

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