Sunday, April 1, 2007

Have You Ever Watched A Moonbeam?

I am not a very superstitious person, but I have a couple little beliefs that I have made up. None of them are too weird, I guess. One of my superstitions is that if pennies are good luck, then nickels must be bad luck. Never pick up a nickel off the groud. Besides, they are bulky and weigh down your wallet and aren't worth as much as the slim, more efficient dime. I always try to spend nickels quickly to get them out of my wallet. I never ever pick them up off the ground. Bad luck!

My other self-concocted superstition has to do with moonbeams. During the winter when the trees are bare, I receive alot of sunlight in my house during the day and alot of moonlight at night. The moonbeams shine like spotlights. It is beautiful and amazing. In all the other places that I have lived, I have never noticed how wonderful moon rays are. Moonbeams on a clear night emit so much light through my bedroom window that I could lay in bed and read by their light if I wanted. On particularly bright nights, I love to sleep with my curtains open so that I can soak up all the moonrays that I can. My belief is that on full moon nights, if a moonbeam hits you, you get to make a wish. (And your wish will come true if you sing the Harry Nilsson song when the light hits you.) On Monday night, I'll experience my last full moon of the wish season as the trees and the bushes are starting to bud and grow leaves. I won't have any more full moon moonbeams illuminating my bedroom until late November. And I haven't made a wish all moonbeam season! I'll have to make the most of Monday night.

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