Tuesday, April 3, 2007

No Mail Days Are Sad Days

I first got an email account in 1995 back when I had some sort of 486 computer. (I am not really sure what the 486 stands for, I just remember that it was old.) I would go days and days without receiving any emails. I put a postcard on my computer monitor that said "No Mail Days Are Sad Days." When I did see a message in my inbox, it was such an thrilling event. Nowadays, I get probably 75-100 work emails a day (which for some people is low) and lots of personal ones and tons of spam. The days of receiving no email are over. And the days of being excited over receiving email are over. Reading and responding to emails are now a chore.

But regular mail is another story. I used to be such a good correspondent and wrote letters to friends frequently, but times have changed. No mail days are not sad days, but just typical days. The only mail that I receive nowadays include bills, pizza coupons and magazines. Who has time to sit down, write out a letter, address an envelope and find a stamp, etc.? I love letters, but I have just gotten out of the habit of writing them. It seems that the majority of letters that I write are post-holiday thank you notes. I also send out homemade mixes every now and then.... usually right after I go to the post office and stock up on stamps. Other than than, my old habit of writing letters is dead.

But it is so exciting to come home to find real mail outside on your porch in your mailbox! When I receive a letter in the mail with a real stamp and a hand-written address, I usually make a little squeal and do a little jig in my foyer as I rip the envelope open. Even better is when I come home and find a *package* with a hand-written address and a stamp. Over the past couple days, I have received three such packages, all of which had music inside: Donovan, 10cc, Woody Guthrie and a couple homemade mixes. GRIN!

Right now, I am listening to this 10cc collection. I love 10cc's song, "I'm Not In Love."

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Gye Greene said...

Good observation.

The only people I write letters to anymore are my grandparents -- because they're not tech-savvy. And sometimes they write me back.

When I send a package to my sister, -- or mail her an envelope of newspaper clippings or what-not -- I always make sure to include a note of some kind -- because she once told me she gets disappointed by envelopes and packages that don't have a letter with them.