Sunday, June 24, 2007

Radio Show, Sunday June 24 3-5PM

chris powell & the five blue flames - hot dog
ella fitzgerald/louis armstrong - summertime
eartha kitt - i want to be evil
helen o'connell - brazil
kay starr - you're just in love
carmen miranda - yipsee-i-o
harry belafonte - jump in the line
cliff "ukelele ike" edwards - dinah
rosemary clooney/bing crosby - how about you
ethel merman - everything's coming up roses
blossom dearie - rhode island is famous for you
spike jones - knock knock (who's there?)
marion hutton - three little fishes (itty bitty poo)
shirley bassey - big spender
betty hutton - doin what comes naturally

Today was the final Divaville that I will ever cohost with Christa. Although I was getting a little teary on my drive up to WXDU, we had a great time in the station. I was dancing so hard to "Brazil" by Helen O'Connell, I seemed to have injured my hip. On the good side.

I just love Ethel Merman's "Everything's Coming Up Roses." I recommend singing it at the top of your lungs. Out of tune. Like no one else is watching. It feels great. But I should think twice before consuming caffeine... that drug brings out the crazies.

I think that the idea of Divaville grew out of a Thursday Night Feature that Christa and I cohosted on WXYC in the late 1990s of jazz and female vocalists from the 40s and 50s. In 2000, we cohosted a show of female vocalists once a month on Sunday mornings on WXDU. Eventually, Christa took the show into her own hands and created Divaville, a 2-hour show dedicated to the music that makes us both melt: vocalists of the 20s - 60s. Over the past six years, I'd sometimes pop up at WXDU to help out. My "help" usually was just me saying, "OOOO, let' s play this. Or I want to hear that." I would always want to play "Hot Dog" by Chris Powell or the "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

Today, Christa and I sang Kay Starr's "You're Just In Love" together... each singing the separate parts. It was a lovely spontaneous duet just for the two of us during our last radio show together. I keep telling myself that I am not going to cry about Christa's departure.

Our entire playlist can be found here.

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