Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hotdogs on Sunday

Ok folks! Hold onto your seats. I have some very exciting news!! Durham will soon have its very own downtown hotdog stand. Look for its premiere on June 23rd at the Durham Rising Festival. I was told that this festival was to be a celebration the completion of all the downtown sidewalk and street construction. But the website doesn't say that. Heck, the website doesn't even say what the festival is for... probably because I don't see how in the world the City is going to finish the downtown mess in two weeks.

Claud (pictured standing by her brand new hotdog stand above) will be premiering her hotdog stand at the CCB Plaza on the 23rd. Today she had a trial run in her backyard. She has a couple adjustments to make on the cart and she needs to work on some bun issues, but overall, I think it's going to be a big hit! Durham just keeps getting better.


307knox said...

Clauds Dawgs with a pickle on top rules!!

Yeah for hot dogs at rock shows!!


Pinky said...

We at Claud’s Daugs of Durham regret to inform our loyal fans of a change in plans. Due to excessive bureaucratic high jumps, flaming hoops and runaway barrels to be dodged, Durham will have to rise on June 23rd without us.

So, keep a lookout for Claud’s Daugs’ debut coming to a downtown location near you.

Stay hungry!
Claud, Pinky, and Picklepuss

Charlotte said...

That is so sad! I hope that you'll be up and running soon. National Hot Dog Month is coming up soon!!!