Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey, Your Bacon's In My Chocolate!!

I had dinner with Christa one night at Torrero's last month where I ordered bacon-wrapped shrimp. I declared "wrapping anything in bacon makes it taste better. I'd even eat bacon-wrapped chocolate."

Lo and behold!!! I walked into the hair salon yesterday to find this:

#1 ingredient: Milk Chocolate. #2 ingredient: Bacon. #3 ingredient: Salt.

Those crazy Vosges chocolatiers who create things such as a wasabi chocolate bar or curry chocolate bar have now taken chocolate to the next level. THEY PUT BACON IN CHOCOLATE. And holy pork, it tastes amazing. I knew that Christa would be just as excited as I was.

We were both a little hesitant about tasting it. But it was really really good. I am not a fan of milk chocolate in general... the darker the better in my book.

But if any of you have been to my house lately for a chocolate tasting, you know that I've been loving this dark chocolate bar with smoked sea salt from a chocolatier in Beaufort, NC. So, I was ready for the bacon. Logically, it was the next step.

The milk chocolate was perfect... anything darker would've overpowered the salty meaty goodness of the bacon which was crunchy and very tasty. Not "Bacos"-flavored, but real, honest-to-goodness, right-off-the-hog BACON!!! The consistency of the bacon in the bar was perfect and provided a divinely meaty finish to each bite. (Be sure to click on the photo of the bar and look at that piece of bacon... it looks so delicious!)

Wacky chocolate makes me so happy.


Maggie said...

So, where do you get your hair cut!?

Charlotte said...

DB Sutton on Franklin Street.

craven said...

what about me??? Mail me some!

Charlotte said...

You can order online:

Bacon Chocolate Bar


Gye Greene said...

There was a comedy sketch by the sketch comedy show "MTV's The State" about bacon:

"You know, bacon gets a bad rap. Bad for this, bad for that. Frankly, I don't buy it...

When I'm feeling blue, I tell bacon my troubles:

I'm feeling a little mopey, bacon.

And when I'm feeling happy, I like to sing my bacon a little tune:

Bacon, bacon, bacon
I'm making the moves on YOU
You're BACON!!!"

And etc.

Some guy's posted to YouTube a few sketches from The State just a week or so ago, and promises to post more. You may want to check in periodically.

If, indeed, you love the bacon. ;)


agnes.v said...

scroll down