Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vetiver Love

After days and days of pining, I finally got the Vetiver record, To Find Me Gone. Holy cow. I LOVE IT! And I found one of the songs that brought me to tears at the ArtsCenter the other night. It's track #5 and it's called, "I Know No Pardon." It is so pretty and sad.... two traits in music that I just cannot get enough of. I am so glad that folk is back in vogue these days... Devendra Barnhart, Iron and Wine, Joanna Newsom, Espers. This stuff is right up my alley.

Anyway, at the very beginning of "I Know No Pardon" there's a soft, charming melody played on acoustic guitar. And then it gets better: another acoustic guitar comes in playing something something even more beautiful and ethereal that reminds me of a Grateful Dead song (which I just cannot remember the name of). But before you can settle into the slow, spacey, earthy groove, the lyrics gently roll out with Andy Cabric's airy, sad voice:
"Maria, please don't leave me now.
I need ya.
I'm wanted. There's nowhere I can go.
My up has turned down.
My luck's spun 'round and left me."

Move over Donovan. This song is the best. Why is it that I fall in love with these sad little songs? I've been drawn to sad pop songs for as long as I can remember: Nick Drake, Morrissey, Elliott Smith. Maybe it first developed in high school when I would listen to my parents' records: Peter, Paul & Mary and the Supremes. Maybe the combination of the acoustic folk songs of PP&M and the 60's pop hits about unrequited love of the Supremes led me down the road of loving pretty, sad songs.

Somebody once told me that he could identify my radio shows because according to him, I always play songs that have a sense of yearning. I have even had folks call into my show to assure me that everything will be alright... even when there's nothing wrong. I just like sad songs. I have made the saddest, most depressing mix tapes when I have been really happy.

Tonight, I cannot stop listening to Vetiver's "I Know No Pardon." About halfway through, there is a little lap steel guitar that is just the icing on the cake for me. Sigh. This song is officially my favorite song of the week.

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