Saturday, February 3, 2007

Does the Marshall Tucker Band Really Suck?

So, I ran into my friend, Jim, who works at Nice Price the other night at OCSC. We discussed my Donovan obsession and the records that he left for me. He said to let him know of anything else that I might obsess over and I said, "Do y'all have any Marshall Tucker Band?" He just laughed and told me that I was crazy. He sarcastically assured me that Nice Price had loads of Marshall Tucker Band records that they would love to unload on me.

But then he emailed me yesterday to tell me that he was mistaken and that there were NO MARSHALL TUCKER BAND ALBUMS in the store at all. He said that he must've been thinking of the Charlie Daniels Band. Hmmm. I don't know anything about Charlie Daniels. Is he any good?

All I know is that the Marshall Tucker Band has this one song that is a FAVORITE. It's not even a guilty pleasure. I am proud to love this song, "This Ole Cowboy." It is kinda western swingy country rock. A very nice combination. And it is all about breakups. It is the "I Will Survive" song for the country rock fans of 1974. I absolutely love it.

But are there other Marshall Tucker records out there that are as good?


Elizabeth said...

Noah can answer this one sometime. There is some rock flute going on in MTB, which is debatable on its impact on the suck-o-meter. MTB is on a once every couple of months rotation over here.

CDB (CD is from NC) has some surprisingly not bad songs. But he's more country than MTB. Some songs sound like skynyrd. They LOVE to play "Long Haired Country Boy" on the "Outlaw" station on satellite radio. Noah's got some joke about being able to eat a full meal from the crumbs left in Charlie Daniels beard.

CDB & MTB are touring togething this year.

We can make you a mix tape of the two from what we have.

I'm a little embarrassed by the length and depth of this comment. Especially knowing I just scratched the surface.

Charlotte said...

Yeah, I am not so sure how I feel about rock flute, but I certainly don't mind it on "This Ole Cowboy."

Are y'all going to concert? ;)

I'd love a mix tape of MTB and CDB.