Monday, February 5, 2007

Turn the Dial! Radio Fundraisers!

This morning I woke to WUNC as usual, but instead of hearing news, I heard Keith Weston asking for money for WUNC's Capital Campaign. That is *NOT* what I want to hear at 6:50am. So, I turned the knob to WNCU to hear Ella and Louis singing "Autum in New York" which was absolutely perfect for snuggling under the covers for awhile. The next song was "Sunset and Mockingbird" which was another nice let's-stay-in-bed song. After that, Bob Parlocha came on to do his talk set.

Let me just tell you that I LOVE Bob Parlocha. His website says he has a home studio in Alameda, CA from which he sends his shows to radio stations around the country. Something like 30 hours a week! WNCU plays Jazz With Bob Parlocha from around 11pm to 8am weekdays and it is the best radio show to wake to if you don't have to rush to get out of bed. Now, keep in mind this is WNCU and we are talking mainstream jazz. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I liked mainstream jazz, I would've said, "NO WAY!!!" But Bob Parlocha has brought me around. He mixes the older modern jazz with the current stuff. But what got me hooked were his talksets. They are long and he goes into alot of detail, but he gets so excited about his music!! You just cannot help but get into it when you hear someone with that much passion.

After those two lovely songs this morning, he did his usual talkset. He was excited about the two songs (he REALLY loves Ella and Louis) and informative about the musicians on each of the tracks and he was especially exuberant about the "Sunrise and Mockingbird" track. As he was describing the song, he said, "that song is just soothing and warm and just makes you want to cuddle." And then he chuckled.

It made my day to hear someone describe a song as one that makes you want to cuddle. I need more cuddly music in my rotation.

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