Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ukuleles, Tamales and Champagne

I just love girls' night. With all my free time these days, I have been reconnecting with ALOT of people. Last night, I invited some girls over for what I intially thought would just be a simple night of beer and tamales. But then, I decided to tell people to bring their instruments which turned out to be a great idea. After eating large quantities of tamales, tacos, and chile rellenos and going though four bottles of proscecco and champagne, we pulled out our instruments. And boy, was that great. I could play a little bit along to "I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again." I couldn't really get the chord changes down (and it is only a two chord song), but I was able to at least strum along in rhythm.

Every now and then I try to pick up my banjo uke practicing, but I just plain suck at playing a string instrument. I need to find the discipline to play every single day. My banjo uke needs a little bit of work and I think I want to have someone put some new strings on it. But that is not the reason that I am having difficulty playing.... if it was, I would've fixed the problem long ago.

I MUST Practice. Practice. Practice. God, that gives me flashbacks to when I was in elementary school and Mrs. Alexander, my piano teacher, would get on my case about NOT practicing my piano at home. Practicing the piano for me as a child was like flossing teeth. I would only floss my teeth right before I went to the dentist. And I would only practice piano right before I went to my piano lesson.

But girls night has given me new hope and inspiration. Maybe I'll even try the ukulele jam at High Strung. I wonder if they play any Stephin Merritt songs at uke jam night...

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Elizabeth said...

they have! Before I started coming. Check out October 19th: