Monday, February 12, 2007

Searching for Stormy Weather

I am not sure how many folks listen to Marketplace on NPR, but I like it. I even set my alarm to go off at 6:50am so that I can hear the 10-minute Marketplace report. I like how they present their news stories, but I especially like to hear the stock market report, even though I know nothing about numbers of points and indexes and all that stuff. I should probably learn at some point.

Anyway, depending on what happens on the stock market for a particular day, they'll play a few seconds of either "We're in the Money," "It Don't Mean a Thing," or "Stormy Weather." For years now, I have been obsessed with "Stormy Weather" which they play when the stock market is down.

This particular version of "Stormy Weather" is delicate and slow and played on piano. It's one the saddest songs I have ever heard and I absolutely love it. I even like it better than the Lena Horne's version from the film Stormy Weather, which is pretty darn sad. However, she does look pretty happy in that photo. But I cannot figure out who performs the Marketplace version. I have searched the internet to figure out who plays it and I cannot find anything.

But over the past couple weeks, I haven't heard "Stormy Weather." I've heard that the stock market is reaching record highs.... which I guess is good for my retirement accounts, and I should be happy. I just need to figure out who plays that song. I betcha Bob Parlocha would know.


zblueboy said...

I FOUND IT !! Have a listen if you think it might be if you can find it. I found it on

Red Garland - All kinds of weather

Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh! That is so exciting!!! I am not a member of emusic, but maybe I should join.

Thank you so much!

Chris said...

Woohoo! I have been looking all over tarnation for this, as well, and you were spot-on. Thank you!

Al Espinoza said...

I thought I was alone on this but I am glad I'm not the only one obsessed with this song. You confirmed my find on iTunes. Now, do you know if the other songs, "We're in the money" and "It don't mean a thing" are from the same artist? Thanks for your post!!

K. Flint said...

Thank you for this, as old as your initial post is at this point...this question has plagued me for ages.
And you're right, this IS the saddest song in the world.