Monday, September 24, 2007

Radio Show Friday, September 21 8-10AM

The Real Tuesday Weld - Kix
Hank Snow - I've Been Everywhere
Great Northern - Home
Carolyn Mark - The One That Got Away (With It)
The Cure - In Between Days
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It
Danny Kaye - Inchworm
Bright Eyes - If the Brakeman Turns My Way
Kishore Kumar - Doob Doob Jata Hoon
Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Sol Hoopii - Weave a Lei
Okkervil River - Savannah Smiles

When it comes to new records, this is my favorite time of year. It's like Christmas. It seems like everyone's got a new record out and is touring right now. It's a fun time, albeit an expensive time. I played a ton of new stuff on Friday from the Real Tuesday Weld, Bright Eyes, the Great Northern, Carolyn Mark (half of the Corn Sisters with Neko Case). I wish I had an extra few bucks to get some of these fabulous new releases, but instead I've been spending my cash on cocktail dresses, cashmere wraps and wedding gifts.

But I am thinking about taking on a new accounting client.... one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Durham. I could use the extra cash. But I cannot decide if I should take a new client or not, as I am already working six days a week. The food is fabulous... what should I do?!?!? If I work more, then I can buy more records. But if I work more, I won't have time to listen to these new records. Oh well, I'll decide after I return from Italy.

A friend gave me the new Shout Out Louds record a few months ago and I just fell in love with it. I played it for a friend who said that that they sounded like a derivative of the Cure. But I don't care. I love their new wavey pop sound. They're coming to the Cradle in October (all the way from Sweden), but I am going to be out of town, which I am a little sad about. Our Ill Wills, is probably gonna be on my top ten list for the year. It is extremely catchy and fun.

Okkervill River. Who are they? Where did they come from? Why haven't I heard of them until now? How come they didn't invite me to go canoeing?! I've played them a couple of times on the radio and I liked what I heard off their new record, The Stage Names. But today as I am typing this, I can't remember what they sounded like! I might just get their new record and listen. They're coming to the Cradle soon as well.

And if you missed my show on Friday, you missed this great song by Danny Kaye. He's got some really wacky songs, but this one is very pretty. For some reason "Inchworm" reminds me of my grandparents. But I don't know why. Probably because I was just in Danville (where my grandparents lived) this weekend. I do remember him singing this on the Muppet Show.

My entire playlist can be found here.


Elizabeth said...

I think I must have heard the Carolyn Mark/Peggy Lee transition.

Charlotte said...

Cool! I have never been a big Peggy Lee fan, but I have been coming around to liking her alot more recently.

Gye Greene said...

Danny Kaye's pretty good. There's a good Groucho Marx album -- Here's Groucho! -- that has a mix of ''novelty''(?) songs and ''straight'' songs. Jimmy Durante also has some good stuff... :)

New accounting gig for the restaurant: If they're **that** good, will they pay you in food? ;) If they give you take-out, then this frees up some time to listen to your records. (BTW -- love how you say ''records'' -- yer so old school!)

Re: your comment on my blog: I'd suggest getting one of his ''regular'' albums, rather than a ''best of'', as some of his B-side material, which you wouldn't get on a compliation, is very worthy. A music-lover like yourself would enjoy his ''polka medleys'' (it's a tradition that he do one on each album) where he polka-izes various hits of that year, playing the main riff and sings just a line or two.

The albums "Running with Scissors", and "Dare to Be Stupid" are good starters: Dare to be Stupid is '80s-based, and includes a wonderful ''in the style of Devo'' song; Running with Scissors has ''Pretty Fly for a Rabbi'' (a spoof on The Offspring's ''Pretty Fly for a White Guy''), and ''It's All About the Pentiums'' (hilarious if you like computers...).

...because, yes, you **do** need more albums...