Wednesday, September 19, 2007

California, California You're Such A Wonder That I Think I'll Stay In Bed

Craven and John got hitched last weekend on a hilltop in Calistoga, CA. It was a really touching ceremony. Lots of Magnetic Fields quotes. I cried.

There was alot of partying and playing and hiking and swimmng and dancing.

I was voted best dressed (besides the happy couple who looked extremely dapper). But 2 1/2 inch heels were not meant to be worn in grass.

The whole weekend was full of love and happiness. Craven's dad gave such a wonderful toast on Friday that I cried. It was great to see everyone so happy and having such a great time.

It was also wonderful to catch up with old friends that I haven't seen in years and years.

Today, I am exhausted. I got in late last night and I couldn't sleep. I made it into work at 8am and it was a blur. It is so busy at work and there is no time for me to be jet-lagged. I should get to bed.

For my drive up through wine country to the ranch, I chose to listen to Richard Hawley, which was perfect road trip music through the hills of Napa Valley.

Congratulations, John and Craven. Y'all are the greatest. And the bacon was the best.


Anonymous said...



Wonderful to see happy, supportive parents at the ceremony. Would that all parents could find that acceptance and love for their children.

Charlotte said...

The parents were great. It was a very touching weekend. And a weekend in Calistoga... sigh. I wish I could go back.