Sunday, September 9, 2007

Damn, Now That's Sexy

I've had the song, "I Only Have Eyes for You" on the brain lately. For one, some of Richard Hawley's songs remind me of the Flamingos' take on "I Only Have Eyes for You." And second, I've been watching Busby Berkeley clips and my absolute favorite is the "I Only Have Eyes for You" scene that he choreographed for the film, Dames. In fact, the song was written for that film.

I searched YouTube to see what I could find and I found this version featuring Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour. I am becoming more and more of a Peggy Lee fan these days. This just makes me melt.


christa said...

the electricity between the two of them has always been amazing. i have an album of their work together, and i just love it. one of the best showbiz marriages, if you ask me.

Charlotte said...

Wow. I had no idea. Which album is it?