Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm In Live Television and Anything Can Happen

I have been busy and not posting. Maybe tonight, I post something about my trip to Danville last Saturday.

Today, I ran across the following video clip. (Thank you, Apostropher!) I cannot stop laughing. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH.


Phil said...

What is it with Scandinavia and vomiting? (I couldn't tell if that was Denmark or Sweden...)

On my one visit to Denmark to see relatives, I took an evening trip to deliver a gift from one of my US friends to a Danish woman who my friend had stayed with many years ago.

The Danish woman was reputed to be very very attractive to the point of driving numerous men mad. So on the train to her place, I wasn't surprised to have all sorts of butterflies in my stomach -- like I was going on a first date. I tried to quell them, though. "You're not going on a first date, nimrod -- you're delivering a photograph to friend-of-a-friend.

But the butterflies stayed with me all evening, right up until it was nearly time to head home. That's when I went to the bathroom and hurled.

Turns out it wasn't nervousness. Turns out it was food poisoning, picked up at "The American Deep Dish Pizza Company" in Copenhagen. (My folks and I ducked in there to avoid a sudden rainshower.) Bleah.

Damned Scandinavians and their vomiting.

But at least I wasn't having a painful menstruation.

Charlotte said...

Phil! That sounds horrible. I am so sorry.

Once while visiting a boyfriend's family in Massachusetts, I got the stomach flu and puked in front of the dad in a trash can as we were walking through Boston. On that same trip with the same stomach bug, I crapped my pants, too. I was really really sick.

Thank god I'll never have to see those people again.

Anonymous said...

I think it's gross that you tagged this entry "food." And also, "sexy."

Now, "WTF?"--I am down with that.