Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm A Very Stylish Girl

Well, I am not really a stylish girl, but I do love that song from Dimitri From Paris.

In the next month, I have three weddings, two rehearsal dinners, and a baby shower. You know what that means? I need dresses. I haven't bought a dress since last spring and I bought it only because it was the first one I tried on. It's not that great. In fact, it kinda sucks.

But for the first time in my entire life I purchased three new dresses in two weeks. So here are my purchases.

This little red dress is so cute. And I found the perfect necklace for it at Cameron's. The dress is cotton with a tulle underskirt that makes the skirt poofy. It has hidden pockets perfect for fidgeting in. It looks very 1950s. It is for wedding #1 and possibly wedding #2:

This next dress is silk and fits me like a glove. I look super hot in this dress, especially with my new black patent leather heels. It's for at least one of the rehearsal dinners, possibly both.

I am a bridesmaid in wedding #3, so this green dress was chosen for me. I'm instructed to wear a sash with it.

All these weddings and social occasions kinda stress me out. But there is a light at the end of all this.... in ITALY!!! Two weeks after I return from wedding #3, I leave for Italy. I won't need to wear dresses there. But I was told to wear super tight jeans. Apparently the women in Italy wear their jeans skintight. Hmmm.


Maggie said...

I like the strapless number. It is flirty & festive. The patterned one is more sleek & vampy. Nice contrast.

Charlotte said...

I *love* the red strapless dress. I just got it altered and it looks great. I'll wear it Saturday!! Yay!