Friday, January 26, 2007

Radio Show - Friday, January 26th 8-10am

Erie Choir - Picture=Proof
Lullaby Baxter - What's Wrong With You
New Order - Age of Consent
The Beatles - Girl
Donovan - Catch the Wind
Ocie Stockard & the Wanderers - Wabash Blues
Eric Bachmann - Good Morning Sleepyhead
Beth Orton - Love Like Laughter
ABBA - Fernando
Maurice Chavalier - Thank Heaven for Little Girls
Lena Horne - Stormy Weather
Angela Desveaux - Heartbeat

Entire playlist can be found here.

I only received one phone call today on my show. A listener called in to praise my decision to play ABBA's "Fernando." He said that he loved the song even though it didn't fit with the WXYC mission statement. But if "Fernando" doesn't fit with the mission of WXYC, what does?

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