Monday, January 22, 2007

Donovan Is Not the Same as Bob Dylan

Sunday, a week ago, I heard a song on Back Porch Music, that really resonated with me. The song was called "Catch the Wind." I thought to myself as I drove down the street, "Wow, I really LOVE this Bob Dylan song." I kept the song in my head until I was talking with Bill and I said, "Do you know a Bob Dylan song called "Catch the Wind?" He politely pointed out to me that it was not a Dylan song, but a song by Donovan. He played it for me. It is such a great song and so beautiful and so freakin' sad. It was perfect. Something in that song makes me want to somehow absorb it... soak it up like a sponge. I don't know how to do this, but maybe if I curl on the couch under a blanket with a cup of tea and just sit quietly and listen to it hard enough, I can make it a part of me. But I need to go out and get the record. I actually heard the entire first side of the Donovan's Catch the Wind record and just loved it. It is where I am right now. I have several Dylan records that I got from my parents, but for now, my love is Donovan.

Bob Dylan's latest release, Modern Times, has been sitting up in the new releases box at the radio station for awhile now. I hadn't played it until last Friday, because after hearing "Catch the Wind," I thought I need to start learning more about Dylan. But the track that I chose, "Thunder on the Mountain" just didn't do it. It sounded too produced and gloppy. I guess I need to try out some of the older Dylan records that I have: Nashville Skyline, Highway 61 Revisited, and Bringing It All Back Home. But right now, I just want to feed my Donovan craving.


Roberta said...

oh god I love Donovan. Seriously.
I have a cd you can add to your ipod the next time you are over.

As for Dylan--I have a soft spot myself for Blood on the Tracks--also avail next time your at Chateau BertNRuss.

Mitchell said...


anything you want to know about bob dylan, you let me know. i have virtually all of it, & know most of it like the back of my hand. we don't have to argue about its artistic merits relative to other artists -- he's my hero & i prob'ly won't back down -- but i'll be glad to burn you some really cool stuff, & i can burn it with iTunes so if you have an iPod it should be easy.

you can find my blog at


Charlotte said...

That sounds cool. I'd be interested!