Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Ears Hurt

This afternoon, I drove from Burlington to Rougemont and I remembered to bring along my Ipod. One of the reasons that I love my new car (well, it's a year old now) is that I can plug my Ipod directly into a jack in the console. None of that Itrip radio static crap like I had to deal with in my old car. In my Prius, playing songs from the Ipod sound just as clear as playing songs from CD.

Anyway, I was driving and I was shuffling through the songs and I was bored with all of them thinking that I needed to reload my Ipod with new stuff... until it hit a song from the Funeral album by Arcade Fire. Holy crap! IT ROCKED!!!!

I decided to play the entire album as loud as I could in the car. And I mean LOUD. I had no idea that my car speakers could sound like that. It was amazing. It was so loud that when I stopped at a stoplight, all the mirrors were vibrating. I could feel the music pulsing in my chest. It made my ears ring. IT WAS SO LOUD!!!! I felt like one of those guys who drive around Durham in a beat-up 1981 Monte Carlo with the annoying-as-hell BIG bass speakers. I felt devilishly cool!

It was so nice to rediscover that album as I haven't listened to it in a year or more. I've heard that Arcade Fire are working on a new album... woo hoo! But until that's released, I am more than content with cruisin' 'round the hood with Funeral... but at a much lower volume.

But when I got to Rougemont, the contrasting silence of the country was a shock to the system. But a good one... my hearing probably couldn't take any more of that.

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