Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Golden Hour of Donovan

On my lunchbreak, I stopped by Offbeat Music to search for that Donovan record of which I've been obsessing the past few days. No luck, but I did run into a friend who works at Nice Price Books and and said that he would set aside that Donovan record (if he could find it) at his store to pick up after supper. But I couldn't wait until after supper... what if they didn't have any Donovan records at Nice Price!?! When I returned to work, I went ahead and ordered that Catch the Wind CD off Amazon and it was cheap! I also ordered Say Anything on DVD. Both were so cheap that I even used expedited shipping, so I could have them by the weekend.

Speaking of Say Anything, Ione Sky, who stars in that movie, is the daughter of DONOVAN!!!! Ione looks like her dad. Anyone needing a Lloyd Dobbler fix, please let me know... watching Say Anything is best done with others. I can play you some Donovan, too.

After I got home from supper at Blue Corn (the chicken with mole sauce was great!) and my trip to Nice Price Books, I pulled out my two new Donovan LPs and listened to side two of the Golden Hour of Donovan. The LP was full of pops which produced a cozy warmth that you just don't feel listening to a CD or an Ipod. The music was great and hearing "Catch the Wind" again just about made me melt. But I cannot figure out this record. It is some sort of collection put out by the Golden Hour label who put out other hits such as Golden Hours of Sounds Orchestral and Golden Hour Presents a Latin Happening. Nice.

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First! said...

Ione Skye (Bacon number of 2) was featured on the cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' album "Mother's Milk," if memory serves.