Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Does Wayne Newton's Voice Creep You Out?

So, my earlier post entitled "Free Therapy" lists about a dozen songs that were included on my little radio show last Friday. That list was pulled from the thirty or so total that I played. I thought I could use the shortened list as fodder for posts this week. So again, today, I looked at the list and decided to express my feelings about Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton. Wayne Newton. In so many ways, I absolutely LOVE Wayne Newton. But in one way, his voice kinda creeps me out. He kinda sounds like a cross between Helen Reddy and an elf with a little bit of cotton stuck in his mouth. But even with these thoughts in my mind, Wayne Newton's voice is still engaging, sexy and romantic. But I don't like to picture him at all. The picture of him on the CD cover makes him look like he would sing more like Perry Como, who is too schmaltzy for my taste. And to think that women still swoon and throw panties on stage when he sings in Las Vegas makes me cringe. But hey, we all have our passions... just wait until my post on Gene Kelly.

One of my favorite segues of the past few months has been from David Byrne's "Concrete and Stone" into Wayne Newton's "Strangers in the Night." It sounded fabulous and I was so thrilled with myself that I had found such a perfect segue (at least in my mind). I had played it specifically in honor of Christa, but I don't think she heard it.

Last Friday, I played "Strangers in the Night" only because I was feeling lazy when I was pulling music from the library before my show. I had no gusto to play it like I did before, and it segued into that Bob Dylan song which really didn't do it for me at all.

I am going to run over to Nice Price Books to find some Donovan records after dinner tonight. I need him. I haven't eaten at Blue Corn Cafe in years. I hope it's good.


Christa said...

i saw wayne newton in vegas a few years ago, and yes... the ladies still swoon. the thing is, they're the exact same ladies that swooned at his concerts 40 years ago, so they're all little old blue-haired ladies.

and me. i did not have blue hair. and i still swooned. a little.

i witnessed no panty-throwing.

he is totally cheesy now, and i can understand why some people have an adverse reaction to wayne newton. but bad in the day --"dream lover", "my kind of girl", "shangri la", "bill bailey"-- he could REALLY SWING. i wish more people would just give the poor guy a chance. yeah, he's got an odd voice, but so does (ta da!) david byrne. or tom waits, or that guy from the decemberists.

everyone's weird.

and i wish i could have heard that segue. in my mind i'm hearing it right now, and it sounds beautiful.

will you maybe post the time of your radio show in the title of your blog or something? so i won't forget in the future? i'm a really great forgetter.

Charlotte said...

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Wayne Newton. And I love to play him on the radio.

Maybe I am getting Wayne confused with Tom Jones with the whole panty-throwing thing.

My show is 8-10am Fridays. But I have to find a sub for next Friday. I have an all-day class to attend.

Skip said...

I truly believe that Wayne Newton is (was) a woman. I have film that (s)he was in where he talks about Arabian Horses. His(her) face is totally feminine and the voice is that of a woman. Honest...