Sunday, August 12, 2007

Taking Baby Steps

Yesterday, I made it through the day with only listening to one Richard Hawley song, "Tonight the Streets Are Ours" off his upcoming record, Lady's Bridge. I only listened that song once. No more Richard Hawley. I was so proud of myself.

I listened to Josh Ritter instead. I wrote about my addiction to Ritter's music a few months ago and how I loved his record, The Animal Years. And now, I think I love his new record. Alot. I listened to The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter several times yesterday on the way to and from the farmers market and Raleigh. It's got some really amazing tunes on it. I think that my obsession with the new record rivals the obsession that I had with The Animal Years. That record made me get up and dance on one foot when I had my broken ankle!!! Clearly, the Animal Years moved me more than any other record during my ankle recovery. I suffered through pain just to dance to it. Woot!

I am so excited that Ritter is touring with Eric Bachmann this fall and will be coming to the Cradle in November. Eric Bachmann and Josh Ritter are going to be here! Together!! That's a show that I would travel to see, but I don't have to, because they are going to be here! SWOON!
The only problem is that they are playing the night after I return from Italy. I am going to be so jet-lagged. But I'll have to drink coffee or something to stay awake.

Well, today I steered clear of both Ritter and Hawley on my drive back and forth from Chapel Hill. I listened to Squeeze's Singles 45's and Under. It seemed safe enough.

But when I got home, I checked Richard Hawley's MySpace page and whaddaya know... there's a new track off the upcoming record up there. I've only listened to "Looking for Someone To Find Me" three times so far. I love it. It's definitely got some doo wop going on, which is just amazing to hear. I seem to really connect with the 50s pop influence in his music. Each time I listen to his track, "The Nights Are Made For Us," I am reminded of the Flamingos' "I Only Have Eyes For You." Ah, so dreamy.


Anonymous said...

this little donkey really wants a hot dog:

Mary said...

hey charlotte. you know how much I already heart Eric but I don't know me any Josh Ritter. Which one should I get before this show, hmmmm?

Charlotte said...

I'd say go for the Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter, since that is his newest album and he'll most likely play alot of stuff from that record. But I also love the Animal Years. I love Josh Ritter.