Monday, August 6, 2007

Radio Show, Tuesday July 31 6-9PM

Pure Prairie League - Amie
Dave Van Ronk - Mack the Knife
Coco - Move On
Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed
Rabbit Muse - Darkness on the Delta
America - Riverside
Pilot - Magic
Public Image Limited - Happy
The Arizona Wranglers - Wreck of the Old 97
Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea
Frankel - Thermostat
Everything But the Girl - Frost and Fire

Last week, I was completely obsessed with Dave Van Ronk's version of "Mack the Knife." Noah had put it on a mix tape for the rest of the High Dollar Hot Dogs to hear. I cannot wait to play this with the band. It has a very high ukulelability to it. It is just beautiful. One day, I want to figure out how to play the jug while playing the uke.

I once told my friend Lightnin', that it was my dream to be wooed by someone playing "Beyond the Sea" on ukulele. He sent me the chords for the song and wrote that I can learn to play it myself and not have to wait for the wooing. I'm learning it. I can chug through the first verse or two. One day, I'll woo myself with it. In honor of my struggle, I played Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" which is just absolutely dreamy. And I am sure that Christa would agree. Bobby Darin makes the two of us melt.

It's been absolutely wonderful being on the air during the evenings this summer as Craven can listen to me on the west coast. I played Public Image Limited's "Happy," remembering how I played that song over and over the summer of 1989 after I graduated from high school. That summer, I djed at WSOE (Elon College) and PIL's Nine album was in heavy rotation. I played "Happy" on Tuesday hoping that Craven would hear, which he did and remarked that it brought back memories of that summer for him, too. I LOVED djing at Elon that summer. Friends would gather at the Elon College radio station and hang out until I got off the air at 9pm. Afterwards, we'd ride around in my 1979 Honda Civic blaring WSOE and either go to the pool, the truckstop, some random Elon party or a kegger in a cornfield. Ah, those summer nights. I don't think I've been to a kegger in a cornfield since that summer. Do those happen anymore?

Entire playlist can be found here.


Elizabeth said...

Hot Dog Bites FTW!

Charlotte said...

Elizabeth, Hot Dog Bites is my most favorite mix tape... except for "Come On, Eileen." I have to keep skipping over that one track. But otherwise, it's just perfect and has alot of ukulelability.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah we don't even like that one but alisha requested it.

Gye Greene said...

> One day, I want to figure out how
> to play the jug while playing the
> uke.

Get a table and some phone books (and/or milk crate) to raise the mouth of the jug to your face level. A 2-litre pop bottle has a pretty good tone: just leave an inch or two of water in the bottom, as ballast.

In theory... :)

Wish **I** had a friend named Lightin'...


Charlotte said...

Lightnin' is the best ukulele player I've ever seen. Check out his version of "Sunday" on his MySpace page. And he's got a banjo uke!!!