Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Type Type Typewriter

I have this severe problem about trying to get ready to go out of town. I have a conference that I have to leave for at 5:45am tomorrow. BLEAH! Instead of being good and staying at home and packing, I have been out drinking beer at the Federal where I've been discussing feminism in Marshall Tucker Band songs and typing on a typewriter and discussing the moon while listening to a guy play guitar. So random.

The typewriter was very cool. Plunking away on the keys brought back memories of typing class in high school, which was one of the hardest classes that I can ever remember (besides high school AP English and UNC's Comp 14 and most recently pottery class). I remember *cheating* in typing class because I sucked so horribly. I would go to Elon College and check out the teacher's manual and type all my assignments at home because I couldn't keep up in class. I was afraid that I would fail typing and ruin my GPA! In college, I used a typewriter to type up my papers... until I rebelled my senior year and decided to handwrite everything. These days, I rarely compose anything by hand except for the very rare journal entry or a letter. But the typewriter was very cool. I wonder if my parents still have their old typewriter.

But it was such an odd evening... drinking beer with Mary and then have this random guy play guitar while people typed on his typewriter. I loved the bright DING at the end of the line. I didn't have much to type except that I loved pork products.

Ok. Now I have to pack. Business casual clothes. YUK!

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