Friday, March 23, 2007

Radio Show, Friday, March 23 8-10am

Andrew Bird - Heretics
Stereolab & Herbie Mann - One Note Samba/Surfboard
Dean Wareham - Falling Out of Love (With You)
Beirut - Elephant Gun
Dean Martin - Just In Time
The Dominoes - Sixty-Minute Man
The Style Council - You're The Best Thing
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - Do I Make Myself Clear
Maria Taylor - Clean Getaway
Louis Armstrong - If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
Gene Kelly - I Got Rhythm
Chet Baker - Like Someone In Love
Lefty Frizzell - Look What Thoughts Will Do
Georgia Gibbs - The Hula Hoop Song

Lots of favorites played today. I played Dean Wareham's "Falling Out of Love" because he is playing at the Cat's Cradle Saturday night. Although that is one of my favorite songs to dance to in my underwear, I doubt he'll play it. Even if he did play it, I most likely would not dance in my skivvies at the Cradle. I won't be there anyway. Lightnin' Wells is playing at the Masonic Temple in Hillsborough on Saturday... I sure hope he brings his ukulele! I am so excited!!!

This morning when I was pulling music for my show, I noticed a new Georgia Gibbs CD in the Jazz section, so I pulled it out. I looked like 1950s pop stuff and I thought "eh, I'll try it." And I totally scored!!! That hula hoop song was nuts! I loved it.

When I was in New York, Ewald introduced me to Beirut, and I have been obsessed with their song "Elephant Gun" ever since. It reminds me of a cross between Arcade Fire and Vetiver. I put the song on my most recent mix cd and I have been listening to it over and over. Beirut's EP Lon Gisland is rotation at the station right now and that makes me very happy. It is a very rare occurrence to find something that I really really obsessively love in rotation.

Although, I am still obsessed with Gene Kelly. I cannot get enough of him. So dreamy. Sigh.

The entire playlist can be found here.

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