Thursday, March 8, 2007

No Radio Show Again

So, I am sitting in the airport waiting on the plane to arrive so that I can get on it and fly back to NC. To pass the time, I watched NC State beat Duke in overtime in a crappy airport bar. Go Pack!

I am excited about tomorrow because I don't have to go to work. Instead, I have another Non-Profit Management class all day. This one is going to teach me about generating new sources of revenue. Whee! But I am sad that I will miss another radio show. But Tim has agreed to cover my shift again, but this time in exchange for a mix CD.

For some reason, this mix CD makes me nervous. He is a dj and a good one at that who has professional sounding talksets and doesn't play track after track of silverware being thrown down a stairwell or camels farting. (Yes, there are CDs of this stuff at WXYC.) He has a really wonderful show, which makes the task of putting together this mix CD a little bit daunting. I started playing around in Itunes last night and put together a rough draft, but I am not satisfied yet. It sometimes takes me several drafts to get a mix CD just right. I guess it is an art form that probably very few folks consider to be an art form.

I once gave a mix CD a title of Fifth Draft simply because it took me five attempts before I got it right. I doubt Tim's mix will take that long, but I never know. Lee and Ewald kept playing new stuff for me that I want to add to the mix.

Gotta board the plane!

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