Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sorry, No Hot Dogs Today

I'm in Brooklyn visiting my friends, Lee, Ewald and Fenna for the next week. Today, the four of us went to their friend, Max's fourth birthday party. I swear when we walked in there were kids bouncing off the walls, chasing beach balls, playing soccer, dancing and screaming, and having a BLAST. It was very intense and mesmerizing. The calming voice of Patsy Cline coming softly from the speakers seemed to have no effect on the insanity in that space.

I had never met Max before, but he somehow knew about my passion for hot dogs. Max stopped playing to come over and tell me that unfortunately, there were no hot dogs being served at his party, but he did have birthday cake to offer me. He told me that he was going to be five on his *next* birthday. He assured me that the cake was going to be really good because it had writing on it and a big soccer ball.

UNC vs. Duke at 4pm today... last game of the men's season. Ewald and I are psyched. Fenna and Lee couldn't care less. Go Heels!!!

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