Wednesday, March 14, 2007

America's Number One Peapicker!

Today, I attended another Duke Non-Profit Management class. This class really didn't resonate with me, so I was easily distracted by the guy sitting behind me. He looked ***EXACTLY*** (please note the extreme emphasis here) like Tennessee Ernie Ford. This guy had a big quaff of black hair and a teeny strip of a mustache right above his lips. Even the curve of his cheeks were like Ford's. Now, he wasn't dressed like Ford... he had on pleated khakis and tassel loafers (ugh). But from the neck up, it was Tennessee Ernie Ford reincarnated. I was dying to ask him if he could sing "Sixteen Tons," but I figured that might freak him out. I also wanted to take his picture with my camera phone and post it hear for all y'all to see, but that would be freaky, too. So, I just stared at him wide-mouthed. (How does one take a photo with a camera phone discreetly?)

Now, I just clicked on the official Tennesse Ernie Ford's website, which says that he was America's Number One Peapicker. The biography doesn't offer any explanation for this title... I didn't know one might be worthy of greatness by being a peapicker. But upon further googling, I found out that on his top-rated television program from 1956-1965, he coined the phrase "Bless your little pea-picking hearts" which became a household catch phrase. Ford released eighty-three records on Capitol between 1949 and 1976... that's about 3 a year sometimes 4! Busy man! He put out alot of gospel songs that are kinda schmaltzy for my taste, but his country hits are great. AND he has a couple amazing duets with Kay Starr. "You're My Sugar" is one such duet that has so much intensity and bounce that when I play it in the house, I end up screaming along to it and dancing like a lunatic. It's great. I searched the classroom for a Kay Starr lookalike, but none were to be found.

I am going to a wine tasting tonight... maybe I can find me a Kay Starr lookalike there.

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