Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Mr. DJ!

I had the worst soul-sucking day at work. Dazed, I left work and headed to the Federal for a beer with Patty and Mary. But I felt like crawling into a hole somewhere and not coming out until spring. When I arrived at the Federal, I was surprised to hear them playing Neutral Milk Hotel over the speakers, but I am always pleasantly surprised by their music choices. While I sipped on my Duck Rabbit porter, Patty mentioned that she had listened to some Richard Hawley and liked it. And then it dawned on me that I will be in New York City seeing Richard Hawley one week from Saturday!

But I left the bar still feeling kinda foggy. It can be really difficult to shake off a mind-crushing day at work sometimes. Today was one of those days.

But then, at 11:55pm, my melacholy was lifted. Bill played "Tonight the Streets Are Ours" by Richard Hawley. I squealed at the top of my lungs and ran into the kitchen and turned up the volume and pogo-stick danced all over the kitchen. I knocked some of the kinder egg toys off the windowsill during my shrieking dance fest. I think that if I made a top ten list of all my favorite things in the world, one of them would be hearing my favorite music randomly on the radio.

I cannot wait to go to New York next weekend. I am so excited.

But right now, I am afraid to go to bed. I am scared that I am going to have dreams involving Yo Gabba Gabba! I think I might love that show. It's now being recorded daily on my DVR. It's a kids show with wacky life-sized, brightly-colored creatures and psychedelic cartoons and kids dancing and indie rock. I swear one of the songs they played was sung by Dominique Durand of Ivy. But I couldn't find her listed in the credits anywhere. If you haven't heard of this show, here's a sample:

(Thanks, Skip!)


Elizabeth said...

I love You Gabba Gabba too, but I can only watch it on You Tube. And there is never very much of it there. I'm coming over to watch it!

Charlotte said...

It is so great! I saw on Wikipedia that the Shins, the Postmarks and Mark Mothersbaugh have performed on the show.

But even without the indie rock, the show is great. There is so much dancing!! I cannot wait to watch more. You are welcome to come over anytime to watch.

christa said...

i am now imagining that your richard hawley pogo-dance looked really similar to the 'party in my tummy' dance.

Charlotte said...

It was kind of a mixture of pogo-stick, party-in-my-tummy, and Elaine from Seinfeld. It was so ugly that it made me laugh. I had to turn off the lights because I didn't want the neighbors to see.

My ankle hurt when I woke up, too.