Monday, November 5, 2007

Sick Day or Vacation Day?

I decided before leaving for my vacation that I would take an extra day off after I returned from Sicily just to rest. Sometimes you really do need to rest after a vacation before jumping back into work. I haven't done much today, but hang out in my pajamas, try to pop my ears, catch up on my finances (vacation and computers are expensive!), cough up a lung or two and tackle laundry.

I would really like to get my hearing back sooner rather than later. Tonight, I am going to venture out to see a super dooper show at the Cradle: Josh Ritter, Maria Taylor and Eric Bachmann. I love all three of these folks and they are playing at the Cradle. I am too excited. And with my ears stopped up as they are, I won't need any ear plugs.

Oooo, the show starts at 8:30 and I am still in my pajamas. I should go shower. It's so exciting.

As soon as this show is over, my vacation will officially be over. That is so sad.

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christa said...

did you enjoy the show?