Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tired and Stressed

I always get really stressed right before I leave town for any sort of trip. Once I am on the road or in the plane, I am fine... but it's the days that lead up to the departure that are the worst. And I am feeling this trip anxiety early. I leave for Sicily in a little over a week, and I am really feeling the stress.

On top of my usual trip anxiety, I am feeling stressed because I'm waaaay behind in work for my clients. I have a tax deadline on October 15th for one organization. I also have a couple clients who are on Franklin Street. I usually work for them on Sundays, but last Sunday, I didn't get any work done. I couldn't get anywhere close to Franklin Street because FestiFall took over downtown Chapel Hill. It made gettting into and/or out of the city impossible. I absolutely despise those idiotic downtown Chapel Hill street festivals. They shut down the Franklin Street area and practically kill any business for the storefronts. And do these street vendors really sell enough macramé plant holders and silverware wind chimes to warrant closing down the street? And aren't these festivals dangerous? Why not have them somewhere else besides an already congested downtown? FestiFall and Apple Chill always put me in a bad mood, because I cannot get any work done!!!

Things at my main job are absolutely nuts. Today I sat in my office and just shouted "CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!" over and over all day long. My workers are a little scared of me right now. I am so swamped that I don't even have time to make a to-do list. I could work 24 hours a day and not get caught up. It's a horrible feeling.

And on top of things, my laptop died Sunday. Died. Dead. Gone. Bye-bye laptop. I have ordered a new one, but I won't get it until after I return from Italy. I am so grateful that I got loaner from my mom, but it is still weird and I don't have my bookmarks or my files. I want my stuff!!! Fortunately, I did a backup a few weeks before the computer died, but I still lost some data.. mostly pictures, but I'll survive. Once I have my new laptop, I'll move my backed up files to it.

But for now, I really miss my Itunes! I am without all my Richard Hawley live recordings! Since I am without my computer's music, I am playing a radio station on my TV. I never knew I had this many channels. This particular one is channel #915 called Retro-Active. It's not bad... they played my favorite Morrissey song, XTC, Sisters of Mercy, and lost of music I have never heard of like Lene Lovich's "New Toy."

I want all this stress to go away. I want to sleep. I want my stomach to stop making these horribly weird stressed-out noises. I want to be caught up with work.

But mostly, I just want to be in Sicily right now. Chris has been keeping us updated on what's happening in Sicily here. I cannot wait.


Gye Greene said...

Sorry to hear you're crazy-busy.

I thought you don't cuss in your blog: "carp carp carp" doesn't count? :)

Yeah, that's one of the scary things about home laptops (and PCs): most people don't back up sufficiently. On my old PC, it had two internal hard drives, so every day or two I'd back up the the secondary drive. But the new PC only has one HD, and I'm not nearly as good at backing up to the external HD. Kudos to you for actually doing it at all...

Still, sucks to lose data -- including photos! :(


Charlotte said...

Is "crap" a cuss word?

I haven't been very good about backing up.. usually only once a month mostly because my old laptop docking station was kinda broken. But I am going to be much better about it now.

My new laptop is really nice. I like it but I have no clue how to use it. It's too fancy. But I'll figure it out.

Gye Greene said...

re: carp -- Probably depends on the family that raised you. :)

Two litmus tests: (1) Would you want your [hypothetical] 3yo going around saying it; and (2) Would you say it in front of your granny?

(Probably depends on the granny...)

If the work pressure ever gets to be too much, you can always dump it all and become a barrista. Then you can go by the handle ''Char-latte''.