Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Radio Show Friday, October 5 8-10AM

The Archies - Sugar, Sugar
Calvin Boze - Keep Your Nose Out of My Business
Jimmy McCracklin - The Walk
Stephin Merritt - This Little Ukulele
The Mabuses - Mirth
Feist - 1234
Richard Hawley - Tonight The Streets Are Ours
Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek
New Pornographers - Failsafe
The Real Tuesday Weld - It's A Wonderful Li(f)e
Great Lake Swimmers - Song for the Angels
Lee Morse - Side By Side
Robert Mitchum - Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Glenn Mercer - Wheels In Motion

I haven't played any ukulele music on my radio show in a few weeks. I've been so busy with work and weddings that I haven't been practicing my uke either. The other night, I was over at Ted's and "This Little Ukulele" by Stephin Merritt popped up on his Itunes. That song is just great. I usually skip over the Eban and Charley soundtrack when I am needing a Stephin Merritt fix, but that song is definitely mix tape material. I've heard rumors that the Magnetic Fields will have a new record coming out soon. Thank goodness!!! I really need a distraction from Richard Hawley.

I have never really liked Feist. I dunno much about Leslie Feist... I always thought she was overrated and lame. (My assumption was not based on actually listening to her music.) Elizabeth sent me the link to this video for Feist's song "1234" as it nods to Busby Berkeley. I am not so sure if I've changed my mind about Feist, but I am willing to give her a shot. When I watch this video, it just makes me want to watch real Busby musicals. But I appreciate what she's trying to do and I like her voice. Heck, I was even thinking about getting the CD.

Bill introduced me to the music of the Great Lake Swimmers this summer. Holy cow. They are probably the one band who could actually get me over my Richard Hawley addiction. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in a silo in Ontario. Their second album, Bodies and Minds is beautifully mesmerizing. I might go put it on right now.

I really love that "Wheels In Motion" song by Glenn Mercer. He used to be the lead singer for the Feelies, a band with whom I am unfamiliar. But this song is so cute and poppy and has wonderful hooks. That is my kind of song.

My entire playlist can be found here.

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