Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My New Boyfriend!

Last Friday, I went to dinner with some friends. And this was no ordinary dinner. I had been looking forward to this since September when Ross and Maggie first told me about their amazing experience at Bryan Zupon's Z Kitchen. If you don't know about Bryan, you can read about him in this NY Times article. Read it. After some rescheduling and more rescheduling, we were finally able to get over to his dorm room for dinner on Friday night.

Our courses included:

Scallop, avocado mosaic, olive oil-poached grapefruit, tomato-cumin chutney, mustard, Sichuan peppercorn, Old Bay

Red snapper, fennel, raisins, candied olive, pomegranate

And then there was the course that changed my life. The course that made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven. It was BACON-WRAPPED BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bacon-wrapped pork belly) Oh. My. God. I fell in love. See that picture below? That is my boyfriend. My boyfriend is BACON!

Seattle Meets New York – Bacon Wrapped Bacon Buns: Pork belly, Nueske’s bacon, miso-butterscotch, snow peas

Bryan said that this dish might be his "greatest achievement and contribution to humanity at large." I agree. It was so delicious.

To see some of our other dishes, go here. I even licked my dessert plate!!!

After the meal, I went home and cried. Never has a meal moved me to tears before. But this one did. I love bacon. Bacon loves me. Maybe I should write a song for my new boyfriend on the ukulele. Woot!


Gye Greene said...

Actually, I'm a little disappointed -- thought it was an actual guy.

But -- if you can't have a guy -- have bacon!


Charlotte said...

Bacon beats boys in my book!!!!!!

I love bacon!!!!!!!!!

R said...

Wouldn't you rather date tofu? Or maybe seitan? Mmmmmmmm.... seitan.

Charlotte said...

I'm never leaving bacon. Bacon is the best boyfriend I've ever had. Although, I might cheat on him with soppressata or sausage.

Tofu? Dude, you've been a vegan for way too long. Come back to the meatier side of life.

Marsosudiro said...

While Bryan is fairly cute, I'd have to say I was more moved by the idea that you'd cry from a meal. That's lovely.

(I had Z dinner a few months ago and liked it very much.)